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[Argil Czigan.]

Description: Photograph of Argil Czigan (identified on back of photo in ink) taken in 1924. Czigan is standing next to a brick and cement rail to steps of a wooden house (in background). Czigan, who has dark hair, is wearing dark colored short pants and stocking, white shirt, dark tie. He is holding his jacket in his left hat. His right hand is down in front of him resting on his right thigh. Shrubs on right and a the top of a wooden building can be seen in top left corner. Stamped in back: Gregg "Houston's Kodak Finisher'"
Date: 1924

[An automobile titled "A '490'"]

Description: Photograph of an automobile titled "A '490'" . A man (wearing slacks, light shirt, dark vest, and hat) and a baby (wearing a white long-sleeved gown) holding on to the steering wheel are seated in the front seat of the car. A young man (wearing white) is seated in the back seat of the car. Street in background. Top of tree can be seen over the top of the automobile.
Date: 1920

[Automobiles on the Richmond Ferry across the Brazos River]

Description: Photographic copy of the "FERRY, RICHMOND, 1922" as type-written across the top of the photograph. The Richmond Ferry crosses the Brazos River at Richmond, Texas. Four automobiles can be seen parked on the ferry. Man on left of ferry is sitting on the rail. One woman is seated in front car and a man is leaning inside of the car window. Another man is standing near post on far right of ferry. Railroad bridge in background. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1922

[Carl Czigan (as identified on back in ink) taken in 1924.]

Description: Photograph of Carl Czigan (as identified on back in ink) taken in 1924. Czigan is wearing dark short pants with dark stockings, white shirt, dark tie, and holding a dark hat with his left hand. His right hand is being him slightly. He is standing next to a white round column which supports a brick arched pavilion that leads to a brick building (on left). A picnic table can be seen on the cement of the pavilion (in center of photograph). Stamped in back: Gregg "Houston's Kodak Finisher'".
Date: 1924