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[Dyer-Ransom Home, 700 Jackson Street, Richmond, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the Dyer-Ransom Home, 700 Jackson Street, Richmond, Texas (as identified on back in black type). Two story, white, wooden building with porch that has small balcony at second floor. Young boy walking in front of a shrub in front yard. Woman in black with white apron walking away from camera on far right of photo. Jackson Street I and sidewalks in foreground.
Date: 1943

[Home of Mrs. E.W. Ransom]

Description: Photo of Home of Mrs. E.W. Ransom, 7th and Jackson, Northwest Corner, Richmond, Texas. Summer of 1943. Also known as the J. T. Dyer house. White, wooden, two story home with a porch that wraps around the sides of the house. A boy is walking in front of a shrub (to the right of the front entrance). A woman wearing a white apron can be seen walking away from the camera (to the far right of photo).
Date: 1943