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[John M. Moore, Jr. and Dorothea Guenther at their 50th Wedding anniversary.]

Description: Photograph of John Moore, Jr. and Dorothea Guenther at their 50th Wedding anniversary celebration in June 1965. They are seated in wicker chairs with metal armrests. She is seated on the left wearing light color dress with a large corsage on her left shoulder. He is seated on right of photo in a dark suit and dark tie with a carnation on his left lapel. He has his arms crossed across his middle. There is a flower arrangement on a table in background. Chairs on right background and left in foreground.
Date: 1965

[John M. Moore, Jr. and Dorothea Guenther Moore.]

Description: Photograph (copy) of John M. Moore, Jr. and Dorothea Guenther Moore on their 50th wedding anniversary in June 1965. The couple, both wearing glasses, is sitting on a velvet upholstered sofa in front of a table at the Moore home. He is wearing a dark colored suit and tie and has his arms crossed across his chest. She is wearing a light colored dress. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1965

[Metal musical disc]

Description: Circular in shape with 100 punched out circles all around the outside edge. It has one circle in the middle. There are small rectangular punched out holes in the main part of the disc. The part that is punched out is still attached by one side and is curved under to form a little bump. Has five printed pictures on the top, very detailed. The first one is the Regina Company logo. The next picture is of a cherub playing a piano or organ. Next is of a small boy and girl sitting together, the boy is playing a musical instrument. Up towards the center is a picture of an angel/child playing the violin. On the left is a picture of a grown woman holding a harp in her right hand and next to her left side is a small child.
Date: 1965