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[Sheriff M.L. Woolley and family]

Description: Negative and copy print of Sheriff M.L. Woolley and family. Clockwise from Sheriff Woolley are: Bertha, W.P. (Willy), Lorena, Dee, Violet, Norma, Mrs. Woolley, Truman Bryan, M. Lafayette (Fay), Oma. Photo was taken while family was on vacation in Galveston.Mr. Woolley, who is wearing the dark suit, white shirt dark hat, has his left hand on Mrs. Woolley's shoulder. Mrs. Woolley is wearing a white dress with darker stripe throughout. The dress buttons down front to waist and has a v-neck with the contrasting color as a collar and trim. Mrs. Woolley is also wearing a dark hat. There is a sea backdrop behind the group. Group includes eleven people.
Date: 1913

[Sheriff M.L. Woolley's three oldest children standing outside Richmond jail]

Description: Copy print of Sheriff M.L. Woolley's three oldest children standing outside 1896 Richmond jail. Left to right are: Bertha, W.P. (Willy), and Lorena. The oldest three Woolley children were from Sheriff Woolley's first marriage. Woman on left is wearing a light colored dress with an empire waistline and square neckline. She has a dark hat with white fur or feather covering her dark hair. The man is wearing light colored pants, dark jacket with stripe, dark tie, white shirt and light colored hat. Lady on right is wearing a white skirt, white blouse with sleeves at elbow and black strip across neckline. She has a dark hat covering her dark hair. The three have their hands behind their backs.
Date: 1913

[David F. Phillippi in front of Plaza Hotel in Rosenberg]

Description: Photograph of David F. Phillippi in front of Plaza Hotel in Rosenberg, ca. 1910. Phillippi is standing in front of his dairy carriage and holding two canisters of milk. There are three automobiles (with drivers) in the photo, as well as four people standing on the front porch of the hotel. Photograph is mounted on a light brown cardboard matte. Matte has an engraved border around the perimeter of the photograph. Corners are worn, piece missing in bottom left corner. Image dimensions are: 18 cm X 13 cm.
Date: 1910

[A group of people at the Booth Home during the summer of 1912]

Description: Photographic print of group of people at Booth Home during summer, 1912. People identified as Brother Willie, Uncle Walter, Aunt Belle (Davis), sister (Zillah Wheat Myers), Cousin Mamie (George), Caddie. The group of people are sitting on the front porch of the Booth Home. Two men are sitting on a porch swing. Four women are seated to the left of the photograph. A wooden rocking chair is in the left foreground. The photograph is mounted on a white cardboard substrate.
Date: 1912

[Albert P. and Mamie George house]

Description: Photographic print of Albert P. and Mamie George house (Ranch House at the George Ranch) in 1915. Photo shows the south face and the cistern tower. Partial view of large tree to right and left of photograph. Picket fence in front of house. Wire fence in foreground. Several wooden boxes are lined up along the wire fence line.
Date: 1915

[Members of either the Rosenberg Baptist Church or the Rosenberg School.]

Description: Photograph of either members of the Rosenberg Baptist Church or Rosenberg School. Forty-five people are in front of a wooden building. Open window to the far left of photograph. Names written on the back in pencil. List recorded in supplementary data. The members are identified as back row: ? Rawson, Willy Tubola, Charley Rawson, Jessie Ward, Ray Windor, Carl M. Caughin, Willie Wooster, Joe Howe. Second row (from back): Selma Myer, Alma O'shields, Bernice Glenn, Emma Haman, Miss Inez Wurtsbaugh, Mr. Peterson, Grace Mae, Norma Meyer, Mary Hand, Louise Meyer. Middle row: Bula O'shield, Ruth Freeman, Nita Ray, Nell Clayton, Eugenia Ridley, Mamie Moody, Chart Hopkins, Rosarelia Tinsley, Annie Willis, Elizabeth Ridley, Martha Ried, Verla Hansthew, Nettie Lowry. Second row (from front) Wilfred Coats, Harold Goar, Lena Moclough, Mary Kruse, Irene Elbuson/ E. Cluson ?, Dollie Webber, Hill Glasscrik. Front row: Ambros Potter, Chester Lokry, Russel Finely, Claudie Marshall, Austin Grory, Wilford Crats? Luddie Board.
Date: 1912~

[The 1912 graduating class of Rosenberg High School.]

Description: Photograph of the 1912 graduating class of Rosenberg High School. Mary Kruse, mother of the donor is second from the right on the front row. Seven women are seated in the front row - woman in center is holding a banner which reads: 1912 RHS. Five men and two women are standing in the back row. Double doors to the left of the photograph. There is a ruler hanging on a peg to the top right of the photograph. Wooden furniture to far right. Blurred white area to the top left of photo. Photograph is mounted on a brown textured cardboard matte. Matte has a gray textured rectangle that borders the perimeter of the photograph. Image dimensions are: 22.2 cm X 16.6 cm.
Date: 1912

[A "Birds eye view of Rosenberg (east)".]

Description: Photograph titled a "Birds eye view of Rosenberg (east)" on front of the picture. One story white building with white railed porch in foreground of photograph. Other two story stucco and brick buildings in the background on the same street as the white buildings. Utility poles on left of photograph.
Date: 1919

[The Depot in Rosenberg.]

Description: Photograph of the Depot in Rosenberg (as identified on the front and back of photograph). The depot is a one story building. Photograph is of the northeast corner of the building (utility pole at this corner.) Other buildings (2) in background right.
Date: 1919

[Raymond Moers as a young child.]

Description: Photograph of Raymond Moers as a young child (as identified on the back of the photograph in ink). Moers is wearing a white jacket with sailor type collar that ties at center. Jacket has a belt that buttons in front. White puffy bloomers can be seen underneath top. He is wearing white socks and black shoes that buckle across the insteps. Moers is standing on a wicker chair and is holding a ball in his right hand. His left hand is resting on the back of the chair near a blanket and white hat with ribbon are draped over the edge. The portrait is mounted on a light brown mat with a dark oval trim around perimeter of portrait. A drawing of a ribbon with a rounded picture hook is at the top of the oval trim. Bottom right of the portrait reads (engraved): Lux Sealy, Tex. Image dimensions are: 8.8 cm X 12.2 cm
Date: 1910