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[The Championship Girls Basketball Team (1918) from Richmond]

Description: Photograph of the Championship Girls Basketball Team (1918) from Richmond High School. Women are dressed in light colored shirts with big white collars. Five of the women have scarves around their collars. They are seated on the steps of the school with a basketball with R.H.S. Champions 1918 printed on the ball. Team members identified (written on back of photo in pencil) from left to right as: Bottom row: Lucile Rich, Rosalie Daughtery, Marguerite Wessendorff. Top row: Johnny Winder, Coach - Margaret Hodges, Aline Austin, and Mary Haggard.
Date: 1918

[Mrs. Swinford, Lizzie Wessendorff, etc.]

Description: Photograph of (as identified on back in ink) Mrs. Swinford, Lizzie Wessendorff, Jennetta Wessendorff, Archietta Davis Jones, Jennie Jones Wessendorff, Marguerite Wessendorff, Doris Wessendorff, Marie Wessendorff. Three little girls are sitting on a long wooden bench in front of five (standing) women. There is a see-saw behind the women to the right of photo. White picket fence on left. House in background on right. The photo is torn on top right corner and the top left is folded. Center is creased.
Date: 1910

[The interior of the J.H.P. Davis Bank, Richmond, TX. View of the teller booths.]

Description: Photograph of the interior of the J.H.P. Davis Bank, Richmond, TX. T.A. Wessendorff is standing in teller's booth at the left edge of the image. Bundled wheat shafts is hung to the right of the cashier window. Floor is tiled in snowflake or flower pattern. Cuspidors on the floor at left and next to table at right. There is a 1.5 x 1.5 cm piece missing from the photograph located along the top edge 6.5 cm from the left corner. Surface damage--maybe bugs? Damaged areas have been filled in with pencil.
Date: 1915

[Lizzie Wessendorff as a teenager, ca. 1912.]

Description: Formal photographic portrait of Lizzie Wessendorff as a teenager, ca. 1912. Wessendorff has her hair pulled back loosely into a bun on the crown of her head. She is looking to the left and has a very serious expression. Wessendorff is wearing a white dress with a gathered neckline and fabric flowers at her right shoulder. Photograph is mounted in a gray folder. Front of folder has a 1 mm dark gray stripe locate 1.8 cm from the edge. Folder has embossed image of a girl holding lilies and her left hand, a ewer in her right hand. Image dimensions: 10.1 cm x 15.3 cm
Date: 1912