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Primary view of Republic of Texas One-Dollar Bill
Texas. Treasury Department.
Primary view of [Certificate of election of Capt. G.A. Parker]
unknown creator
November 20, 1836
Primary view of Certificate of payment to W.W. Bowman for 40 dollars
unknown creator
December 8, 1836
Primary view of [Discharge of John Lewis from Texas Army]
unknown creator
May 30, 1836
Primary view of [Front page of the Richmond Telescope Vol. 1 No. 5 dated May 25, 1839.]
unknown creator
May 25, 1839
Primary view of [Jesse Thompson versus Olivia Graves]
unknown creator
January 10, 1832
Primary view of [Land payment receipt signed by J.B. Miller]
unknown creator
October 3, 1836
Primary view of [Letter by R. Jones to McCoy]
unknown creator
May 3, 1834
Primary view of [Letter of R. Mills]
unknown creator
April 3, 1835
Primary view of [Petition of Thos. Borden signed by Wyly Martin]
unknown creator
April 30, 1838
Primary view of [Probate execution of James Stuart]
unknown creator
October 29, 1839
Primary view of [Republic of Texas Promissory note to Lemuell Crawford]
unknown creator
January 10, 1836
Primary view of [Surety bond]
unknown creator
July 2, 1838