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[Minutes for Hillyer Oil Compeny Meeting - 1918-02-14]

Description: Minutes taken from a Hillyer Oil Company meeting on February 14, 1918. The naming of Chas E. Anderson, Senior, and J. T. Willits [Willets], as temporary chairmen is mentioned. Development of plots of land and the attendees of the meeting is also mentioned.
Date: February 14, 1918
Creator: Willits, J. T.

[Photograph of a Sugar Land School PTA invitation]

Description: Photograph (copy) of PTA of Sugar Land School's invitation to the teachers. The invitation reads: "You are cordially invited to attend an informal reception by the Parent-Teachers Association at the High School Auditorium, Thursday, September 23, 3:30 o'clock, given in honor of the Mothers and Teachers of the community. (signed) Parent-Teachers Association, Sugar Land Public Schools. - TO THE TEACHER Oh, quick to feel the lightest touch Of beauty or of truth, Rich in the thoughtfulness of age, The hopefulness of youth, The courage of the gentle heart, The wisdom of the pure, The strength of finely tempered souls To labor and endure! - An adaptation." 1920-1921. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1920

Advertisement mailed to Y. U. Jones

Description: Address page for an advertisement from Foley Bros. Dry Goods Company mailed to "Mr. Y. U. Jones, Thompson, Texas." A partially-visible image in the lower-left corner includes the text, "To Go Forward - not backward is our aim. Each month we add some new features to our service - to increase our helpfulness and [to] merit your valued patronage."
Date: unknown
Creator: Foley Bros. Dry Goods Company

[Front cover: Special Review Edition, Popular Successess]

Description: Front cover of a special edition of Popular Successes containing sheet music for Where the Roses Sway, In the Harbor of Texas, When I Dream in Dreamland, You made life Worth While, My Precious Baby, Since You went Away, and Spring Beauties Waltz.
Date: unknown

[Kinch Hillyer Map and Advertisement]

Description: Map and advertisement for Kinch Hillyer oil land. The map features the location of the plots of land. The advertisement discusses the location, price, and demand of the land. Fred Hermann is mentioned as a local representative in St. Louis, Missouri.
Date: unknown

[Raffle ticket]

Description: Raffle ticket. The winner would receive a new Chevrolet Coach. From local Robinowitz Bros. Stores.
Date: unknown