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[An infant in a white dress. Infant has bare feet.]

Description: Photograph of an infant in a white dress. Infant has bare feet. Cheeks are painted pink. Photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate with a thin, gold trim around photo. Blue smudges (may be ink) are along the left side of border. Back of photo reads: E.C. Lewis, Photographer, L, Bryan, Texas. Top of photo has a palette and paintbrush and camera in front of a shining light, surrounded by vines. Other designs encase writing.
Date: unknown
Creator: Lewis, E.C.

[J.M. Moore in uniform.]

Description: Photograph (mounted on a dark, cardboard mat) of J.M. Moore in uniform while a student at Texas A&M College. He is standing next to a chair with a large tassel on the left side of the chair. There is a window in the (right) background.
Date: unknown