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[Aftermath of 1900 Galveston storm, locating storm victims]

Description: Photo on cardboard mat. Aftermath of 1900 Galveston storm. Wagon load of storm victims. Two men are walking behind the wagon. Wagon driver is standing up and holding reins to horses. Foreground shows wood debris. Large covered area in background. Back of photo reads: NO-26. On 22st & wharf 73 wagon loads of storm victims buried at Sea, on SEPT-10 1900 W.A. Green. Galveston, Texas.
Date: 1900

[Baker and Hirsch Store]

Description: Photo mounted on cardboard. Baker and Hirsch Store. Two men behind store counter to left of photo. Four other men in store. Bunch of bananas suspended from a rope in center of photo. Cardboard mount is broken away in several places.
Date: 1900

[Congregation of the Christian Church of Rosenberg]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the congregation of the Christian Church of Rosenberg, Built in the 1900's on Third Street and Avenue J. A man wearing a dark suit and bowtie with white shirt, is standing to the left of photo and to the left of a large group of people. All of the women and children in the first row except one, are wearing white dresses. The one woman in the center of first row is wearing a black skirt, white belt and blouse, dark beads, and a large dark hat. The group is standing in front of the church double doors (one door is open, the other closed.) Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1900~

[Cylinder tape measure]

Description: Cylinder tape measure with the top and bottom painted maroon in the center of the top is a brass folding flush handle which extends to the other side and looks like a button. The edge is painted gold and has a square opening with two cylinder posts that help the linen tape pull out. The tape is supposed to be 100ft long, but the 1st two inches have been torn off. The linen is yellow and is divided into feet, inches and fourths. Each foot starts over with 1 and instead of a 12 written in red is a F1, F2, F3, etc. Other than that, all lettering is in black. On both sides of the opening for the tape are stamps, on the right upside down is Lufkin / Made in the USA; on the left upside down is 100FT.
Date: 1900

[Damage from storm of 1900 in Galveston]

Description: Photo on cardboard mat. Damage from storm of 1900 in Galveston. A group of men (11) are searching a pile of wooden rubble left behind after the storm. Back of photo reads: Galveston, Texas, October 7, 1900. APPEAL FOR THE HOMELESS OF GALVESTON. Does the evidence here portrayed bring to you a thought of the distressing need of Galveston's homeless survivors? Do you not feel that it is your duty to contribute your portion to the worthy work of procuring shelter and household goods for those who are now without shelter? Do you realize that a small sum from each sympathizer will aggregate an amount sufficient to meet this great and pressing need? All money should be remitted to MISS CLARA BARTON, President, American National Red Cross, Galveston, Texas. (Picture) No. 33 Remarks- Sunday morning getting out the dead
Date: 1900

[Donley's Saloon and Rooming House in Rosenberg, Texas]

Description: Postcard image of Donley's Saloon and Rooming House in Rosenberg, Texas. Banner states "The Gold Standard". Large group of men standing in front of saloon, below balcony of two story, wood building. Part of tree on far left. A lands and loan company building is to right with American flags (2) flying from porch columns. Crease runs from bottom left corner to top middle of photo.
Date: 1900

[Eleven older ladies on the front steps of a home.]

Description: Group photograph of 11 older ladies on the front steps of a home. Two younger women are standing in the background on the right side of the porch. Women are identified on the back of the photo as follows: "Seated bottom row: Mrs. ____ Blakely, Mrs. ___ Ware, Archie [Davis] Jones, Mrs. Nola Hinson (Archie and Nola are sisters of J.H.P. Davis); Standing--L to R: Mrs. Hallie Hodges, _______, ______, _______, ________; Back row: _______, ________, Mrs. _____ Andrus, Mrs. Belle R. Davis; In front of window: Mrs. Katie (Will) Andrus, Mrs. Fannie (Will) McFarland [sic.]." Image is mounted on black matte. Image dimensions: 16.0 cm x 10.8 cm
Date: 1900

[Express Depot]

Description: Postcard image of the Express Depot. Cart is loaded with silver bullion from Mexico. Carts lined up next to the tracks. Men are standing in front of the carts. Water tower and depot in background, partially obscured by the carts.
Date: 1900

[Hand-cranked kerosene pump]

Description: Hand-cranked kerosene pump. "ENTERPRISE SELF PRIMING & MEASURING PUMP" is cast into one side of the spigot. "ENTERPRISE MFG. CO. PHILADELPHIA USA" is cast into the reverse side of spigot. "PAT. JAN. 18 1898, PATENTS PENDING" on side of gauge; "NO.97" on reverse side of gauge. Pump volume can be set between 1-4 qt. On top of head with a manual dial. Pump crank has a wooden handle.
Date: 1900

[The harvesting of rice. Rice farming machinery to the left.]

Description: Photograph of the harvesting of rice. Rice farming machinery to the left of the photograph. A wagon load of rice is next to the equipment (center of photograph). Two men (one wearing dark pants, dark vest, white shirt and hat and the other wearing overalls, shirt and hat) are standing in the field (center of photo). Seven men are sitting and leaning against sacks of rice to the right of the photograph. A tractor (with man standing at back of tractor) is in the background next to two mules and a cart. Ca: 1900.
Date: 1900

[Nutcracker tool]

Description: The basic shape is a T of the nutcracker. The top part of the T is the actual nut cracking contraption. It is set up similar to a vice with a T-shaped handle that screws. The socket through which the handle screws has OIL written in relief lettering. Underneath the place for the nut , written in relief is Patented / Perfection Nut Cracker. On the exact opposite side is written Branford Conn. / Mall. Iron Ittings Co. Next to the latter is written vertically MODEL 28. Below this section with lettering is another vice, much small, used for stabilizing the nut cracker to a table. The screw handle is T-shaped as well. The screw is bent a little at the bottom and does not screw in all the way.
Date: 1900

[Schulze's Store on FM 359 near Foster]

Description: Photograph of the opening of Schulze's Store on FM 359 near Foster. The man behind the counter has been identified (on back of copy of photo) as Sanford Butler. Two more men are behind the counter, next to a scale. Man leaning against counter (far left) is wearing suspenders with light colored shirt, pants, and dark hat. Three more people along counter (last one is an African-American man). Boxes in far left bottom corner.Wooden chair in far right corner. Brooms leaning against produce boxes and brooms hanging from ceiling (in bundle) in background. Photograph is mounted on gray cardboard matte. Bottom left corner of matte is broken (piece missing.)
Date: 1900