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[Fishing rod]

Description: Fishing rod that has a long yellowish-white rod with five [Blank] attached with yellow and black [Blank]. The handle is green painted metal. The cork grip is missing, mostly likely rotted off. The reel is a cylinder shape and is silver in color. It has four thin bars separating the two flat ends of the reel, and one big bar, the spool in the center with cloth string wrapped around it. One side has a crank for winding the string. It has yellow handles that have been painted black.
Date: 1960

[The Dedication of the Mamie George Prayer Chapel.]

Description: Photograph of the Dedication of the Mamie George Prayer Chapel by the Daughters of the American Revolution on June 12, 1960. Group of people (mainly women wearing hats). One is seated in front in a metal folding chair. Texas Flag to far left of photo. People in photo identified (in black type) as left to right: Back row: Mrs. Mary Huntington, Unknown, Unknown, Irma Dru Hutchison, Unknown, Reverend Oren Helvey, P.E. Peareson, Mrs. R.E. (Mary D.) Moore, Mrs. T.B. Robinson. Front row: Unknown, Mrs. Hampton Robinson, Reverend Skinner, Mrs. J.A. Wessendorff (Jane), Mrs. Rusk Roane, Mrs. Grace Briscoe (Mason), Maybelle Armstrong. Seated in front: Mrs. A.P. George (Mamie)
Date: June 12, 1960

[Eldridge Home in Sugar Land]

Description: Photo of the Eldridge Home, Sugar Land. Two and a half story house with closed in second story porch. Three cars are parallel parked in front of adjacent building and a truck is parked in front of the Eldridge Home. Water tower visible in upper right corner.
Date: 1962