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[Dorothea Guenther c. 1913.]

Description: Photograph of Dorothea Guenther ca. 1913. She is wearing a floral print gown with pearl design at center of bodice and at sleeves (dangling length of pearls). A sash of material extends from her left shoulder, down to her waist. She has her hands behind her back. Her dark hair is pulled back.
Date: 1913

[Fifth grade class at Rosenberg School]

Description: Photograph (copy) of fifth grade class at Rosenberg School in 1913. Students have been identified as left to right: Teacher, Lena Goodman, Rose Sibyl, LaVonne Hobbs, Clarie Coats, Elizabeth Weisner, Norma Whistler, Marie Moore, Edwin Hardin, Ben D. Ward, Supt. V.L. Peterson Second row: Neta Donnaly, Nelly Ray Lowery, Ethel Speight, Leora Cooper, ?? Hopkins, Josie Marshall, Eula Hopkins, Garna Ward, Helen Griffith Third row: Sidney Clark, Lewis J.O. Vogelsang, Burt Gray, Percy McKean, L.F. O'Shieles, Alphonse Schmidt, Louie Parrott, Henry Meyer, Joe Tobola , Floyd Ryba, Edwin Kroesche, Johnnie McNabb. The students are standing in front of a white wood building. Bottom row far left, teacher is wearing a white dress with a flower pinned to the center of her dress. The Superintendent is wearing a dark suit with white shirt and he is sitting on a wooden barrel on right of first row. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1913

[Parade in downtown Third Street in Rosenberg]

Description: Photograph (copy) of a parade in downtown Third Street in Rosenberg, Circa 1913. Man holding a drum in the center of street - drum has "Texas Cowb? Band" written on the side. Sign held in parade reads: VOTE FOR US. Business of Winston Company to left of photo. Person on a bicycle on right side of the street. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1913~

[Sheriff M.L. Woolley and family]

Description: Negative and copy print of Sheriff M.L. Woolley and family. Clockwise from Sheriff Woolley are: Bertha, W.P. (Willy), Lorena, Dee, Violet, Norma, Mrs. Woolley, Truman Bryan, M. Lafayette (Fay), Oma. Photo was taken while family was on vacation in Galveston.Mr. Woolley, who is wearing the dark suit, white shirt dark hat, has his left hand on Mrs. Woolley's shoulder. Mrs. Woolley is wearing a white dress with darker stripe throughout. The dress buttons down front to waist and has a v-neck with the contrasting color as a collar and trim. Mrs. Woolley is also wearing a dark hat. There is a sea backdrop behind the group. Group includes eleven people.
Date: 1913

[Sheriff M.L. Woolley's three oldest children standing outside Richmond jail]

Description: Copy print of Sheriff M.L. Woolley's three oldest children standing outside 1896 Richmond jail. Left to right are: Bertha, W.P. (Willy), and Lorena. The oldest three Woolley children were from Sheriff Woolley's first marriage. Woman on left is wearing a light colored dress with an empire waistline and square neckline. She has a dark hat with white fur or feather covering her dark hair. The man is wearing light colored pants, dark jacket with stripe, dark tie, white shirt and light colored hat. Lady on right is wearing a white skirt, white blouse with sleeves at elbow and black strip across neckline. She has a dark hat covering her dark hair. The three have their hands behind their backs.
Date: 1913

The sheriff's office at the Court House.

Description: Photograph with black edging, mounted on a gray mat of the sheriff's office at the Court House. Man writing at desk in far left corner. Five men seated in wooden chairs (one on far right holding up a gun and leaning elbow on desk.) Back of photo identifies man at desk as Mr. Oglivy; third from left as H.M. Shannon and M.L. Woolley, Sheriff, at far right. Photo has rip in bottom right corner. Also tear in mat at bottom left.
Date: 1913

[Two men in a furniture showroom.]

Description: Photograph of two men in a furniture showroom. Photo is identified on the back in blue pen, "c. 1913 Walter Jones, Charles F. Hillyer." Jones has his elbow on a row of dressers. There is a row of tables stacked to the right of the men. Image is mounted on a black cardboard matte. Image dimensions: 18.0 cm x 12.9 cm
Date: 1913