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[Moore Home, Candlelight tour. View of the northwest corner of the house.]

Description: Photograph of Moore Home, Candlelight tour. Taken as publicity shot for Saburbia newspaper. The photograph was taken from the lawn near the northwest corner of the house. Tree branches (oak) in top right corner. Another partial view of tree on left of photograph. Photograph has ragged edges on left. Image dimensions are: 10.9 cm X 16.5 cm. Large white area at top.
Date: 1980~

[Fort Bend County Courthouse under construction]

Description: Photograph of Fort Bend County Courthouse Annex. Photo taken as a publicity shot for the Suburbia Newspaper. Building under construction. Large newly budding trees obstruct complete view of the building. A tin building can be seen on the right of the photograph. Building is surrounded by a construction wire fence. Street in foreground.
Date: April 1979

[Fairview Café]

Description: Colored Polaroid photograph of the Fairview Café which was located on the south side of the 3100 block of Ave H. in Rosenberg, Texas. The Café was built between 1932 and 1934 by Jess Ward. It was demolished in 1979. The café was a one story white stucco building with sign above front entrance that reads: FAIRVIEW CAFÉ. STEAKS - SEA FOOD - CHICKEN. Newspaper vending machines can be seen to the left of the doorway. Small white building and a boat in far right background. Polaroid is stamped on the back.
Date: 1979~

[L.A. Vogelsang Saloon]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the interior of the L.A. Vogelsang Saloon. Mr. Vogelsang is the man behind the counter wearing the white shirt, black tie, and white apron. A woman in a dark dress is also behind the counter. A man is leaning against the bar with his left foot on pipe footrest. He has a drink in his right hand and a cigarette in his left hand. Two other men in dark jackets are standing to center left of photo. Glass case can partially be seen in far left corner. Scanned image and dimensions are of the copy. Same photo as 1979.033.001 except this is an original photo.
Date: unknown

[L. A. Vogelsang Store in the Gray and Son Building]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the interior of the L. A. Vogelsang Store in the Gray and Son Building, 1900 block of Avenue G, Rosenberg, Texas. L. A. Vogelsang is behind the counter. Glass cases and shelves (to ceiling) to left of photo. Man seated behind counter wearing dark suit with dark tie. A wooden chair on right, and hoops hanging on a peg on a pole on far right. Two women and three men are standing on far end of store. Scanned image is of the copy. Dimensions are of the copy.
Date: unknown

[Adams Bros. Store in Richmond, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the Adams Bros. Store in Richmond, Texas. The store is a two-story brick building. Photograph shows northeast corner of building. African-American man standing next to pole in front of store. Child standing next to man who is leaning against another pole. Five African American people standing in front of next wooden building (on right of photo). Photograph is mounted on cardboard substrate. The cardboard is broken at top and top right, broken again at bottom left corner (pieces missing). Picture has black material around edges and thick areas on right side. White spots (one pale green) across front of photo. Photograph is torn at bottom center.
Date: unknown

[Aerial view of Rosenberg]

Description: Photograph (copy) of an aerial view of Rosenberg looking southwest. On the second block from bottom, a tower can be seen toward right side of photo. Also on second block from bottom toward left side is a two long narrow buildings joined by walkway that has many cars parked in front of it.
Date: unknown