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[A "Birds eye view of Rosenberg (east)".]

Description: Photograph titled a "Birds eye view of Rosenberg (east)" on front of the picture. One story white building with white railed porch in foreground of photograph. Other two story stucco and brick buildings in the background on the same street as the white buildings. Utility poles on left of photograph.
Date: 1919

[The Depot in Rosenberg.]

Description: Photograph of the Depot in Rosenberg (as identified on the front and back of photograph). The depot is a one story building. Photograph is of the northeast corner of the building (utility pole at this corner.) Other buildings (2) in background right.
Date: 1919

[World War I of Ligny in Barrois]

Description: Postcard from World War I of Ligny in Barrois written by H.N. Pierce to his mother, Mrs. J.B. Pierce from Sugar Land, Texas. Photo has line of wagons on street. Buildings on left of photo. Postcard has tear on bottom (piece missing) and is crinkled in several places.
Date: 1919

[The Championship Girls Basketball Team (1918) from Richmond]

Description: Photograph of the Championship Girls Basketball Team (1918) from Richmond High School. Women are dressed in light colored shirts with big white collars. Five of the women have scarves around their collars. They are seated on the steps of the school with a basketball with R.H.S. Champions 1918 printed on the ball. Team members identified (written on back of photo in pencil) from left to right as: Bottom row: Lucile Rich, Rosalie Daughtery, Marguerite Wessendorff. Top row: Johnny Winder, Coach - Margaret Hodges, Aline Austin, and Mary Haggard.
Date: 1918

[Clara and Frank Maresh]

Description: Clara and Frank Maresh dressed in WWI Red Cross and Army uniforms for the funeral of their uncle Frank Maresh's funeral in Sealy, TX Clara is wearing a white dress with white nurse habit on her head. She is holding a white flag with cross on it. Frank is wearing a army uniform and is holding an American flag. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1918

[Plane wreckage in Fort Bend County in 1918]

Description: Photograph (copy) of "plane wreckage in Fort Bend County in 1918, " as type written on back of photo. African American man standing on left of wing. Two children dressed in coats and hat are standing in front of the plane wing. They are standing to either side of a circular emblem on wing. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1918

[School children dressed in WWI Red Cross and Army uniforms]

Description: Studio portrait of school children dressed in WWI Red Cross and Army uniforms for the funeral of Frank Maresh in 1918. Maresh died in France shortly after WWI ended. His body was returned to Sealy and buried in the local cemetery. Children in front row are Clara and Frank Maresh, niece and nephew of Frank. Boy and girl in front row are each holding a flag (girl cross; boy American flag). Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1918

[Lee Quinn Nesbett]

Description: Photograph of Lee Quinn Nesbett sitting on the porch of Winston Bassett's home at 405 Liberty, Richmond, Texas. Nesbett has short dark hair and is wearing a light colored dress that has ruffled three-tiered hemline. She has her right elbow on her knee with her chin resting in the palm of her right hand. The porch has ornate posts that are painted in light and dark colors. Porch has railing with criss-cross and circle patterns between rails. Picket fence in background on far left. Identification on back of photo in pencil.
Date: 1917

[Progress Band of Fairchilds, Texas]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the Progress Band of Fairchilds, Texas in 1916. Probably the first band of Fort Bend County. The large drum to the left of the band members proclaims their name: PROGRESS BAND. The members are wearing dark jackets with white pants, and band hats. Fourth from right has been identified as E. H. Walenta; and second from left has been identified as B. B. Stavinoha. The band (holding their instruments) is standing in front of a white wooden building. {one copy shows a young child squatted on the edge of a porch on far left of photo, both copies are marked 1982.033.012. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1916