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[World War I of Ligny in Barrois]

Description: Postcard from World War I of Ligny in Barrois written by H.N. Pierce to his mother, Mrs. J.B. Pierce from Sugar Land, Texas. Photo has line of wagons on street. Buildings on left of photo. Postcard has tear on bottom (piece missing) and is crinkled in several places.
Date: 1919

["House In Richmond, Texas Across Road From Entrance To Morton Cemetary"]

Description: Postcard image of "HOUSE IN RICHMOND, TEXAS ACROSS ROAD FROM ENTRANCE TO MORTON CEMETARY C. 1895" as noted in handwriting on back of postcard. A fence is in the foreground with two women standing behind the fence in the front yard. A small tree is on the left side of the photo. The house is a one story building with a chimney on the right side.
Date: 1895~

[Postcard image of a two and a half story Richmond home]

Description: Postcard image of a Richmond home. Two and a half story, white, wooden house with porch on northwest corner. White picket fence with scalloped design in front of house. Tree branches in front yard have been cut. Partial view of utility pole on far left.
Date: 1900

[Louis Priester home in Richmond, Texas in 1908.]

Description: Postcard image of Louis Priester home in Richmond, Texas in 1908. One story wood home with porch along front and side. Picket fence in front of house. Tree in far left of photo. Ink label at top of photo.
Date: 1908

[Brazos River bridge in Richmond, Texas]

Description: Postcard image of Brazos River bridge, Richmond, Texas. Smoke stack in (right) background. Reflection on bridge seen in water in the foreground. Cattle seen to left, under bridge.
Date: unknown

[Courthouse in Richmond]

Description: Postcard image of the Courthouse. Richmond, Texas. Four small trees are staked in the foreground.
Date: unknown

[The grain elevator near the railroad in Rosenberg, Texas.]

Description: Postcard image of the grain elevator near the railroad in Rosenberg, Texas. Top of grain elevator reads: Wisrodt Grain Co. Tin building with Utility pole by front sign. Photo is faded and has blue spots across left and through center.
Date: unknown

[Palteys Church in Rosenberg, Texas.]

Description: Postcard image of Palteys (Baptist?) Church in Rosenberg, Texas. Small, wooden building. The bell tower to the church is being removed. Ink writing across top of photo.
Date: unknown

[Fort Bend County Jail]

Description: Photographic copy of a postcard. Postcard image showed the Fort Bend County Jail. The jail was a Two and a half story brick building with bars on windows. There are several wagons in front of the jail, one partial view of car pulled by two dark horses. White horse can also be seen. People are standing in the entrance to left of jail building. A fence to the left of photo. Written over fence area in white: FORT BEND COUNTY JAIL. Scanned image is of the copy. Dimensions are of the copy.
Date: unknown

[Fort Bend County Courthouse]

Description: Photographic copy of a postcard of the Fort Bend County Courthouse. The multi-story brick building has a center dome at roof and smaller dome at each corner. A statue is at the top of the center dome. Buildings to left of photo. Scanned image is of the copy. Dimensions are of the copy.
Date: unknown

[The "Harvey Girls".]

Description: Postcard image of the "Harvey Girls". Photograph shows three women with dark hair pulled loosely up into a bun, wearing dark blouses with white skirts and bib fronts. They are standing on a wooden platform next to a wooden rail. Banana trees in background. Printed on back of postcard: "The Harvey Girls" Photo source Fred Harvey Produced by Beautyway, Box 87, Flagstaff, AZ 86002 20 Co-Producer Fred Harvey. Fred Harvey acquired the title "civilizer of the West" after 1876 with his series of restaurants and hotels along western railroads with vaired foods and excellent service. The foundation for his reputation was the "Harvey Girls, " models of virtue, who were recruited in the East at ages 18 to 30, trained carefully, paid $17.50 per month plus tips and room and board. Here, three waitresses pose at Rosenberg, Texas.
Date: 1880

[The "Sugarland Express" Fort Bend County, Texas.]

Description: Postcard image titled the "Sugar Land Express" Fort Bend County, Texas. Three women (one is holding a black puppy) in a cart and one sitting on the mule that is hitched to the cart. Boxcars loaded with sugar cane in background.
Date: 1909

[Postcard of Men]

Description: Postcard of a man with hat standing, man with suspenders sitting in foreground. Banana plants to left and in background of photo.
Date: 1909

[500 Turkeys in Sugar Land]

Description: Postcard, Sugar Land, 500 Turkeys. Tenant cabins in background. Turkeys in center of photo. African-American man walking in (left) background.
Date: 1909

[Postcard of Gravel Development in Brazos River]

Description: Postcard of Gravel Development Brazos River, Ros. showing bridge construction and ferries. Barge with tall smoke stack to left of photo. Ferry and small barge to the right. Bridge in background.
Date: 1909