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[Photograph of an automobile (1910 Marion Bobcat)]

Description: Photograph (copy) of an automobile (1910 Marion Bobcat) in front of the J. T. Dyer Store located in Richmond. The people around/in the automobile are identified as left to right: Bill Jones; Cap Rich; Charles Crawford; Dr. Charles Costello, DVM; Walter Jones; T.W. "Bud" Davis; Earnest Farmer; A. P. George; Martha Virginia (Hinson) Ansel; ? Hinson or Joe Jones. One man is seated in the automobile, the others are standing near or around it. A little girl is standing on the hood of the car (far right of photo). The scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1910

[Raymond Moers as a young child.]

Description: Photograph of Raymond Moers as a young child (as identified on the back of the photograph in ink). Moers is wearing a white jacket with sailor type collar that ties at center. Jacket has a belt that buttons in front. White puffy bloomers can be seen underneath top. He is wearing white socks and black shoes that buckle across the insteps. Moers is standing on a wicker chair and is holding a ball in his right hand. His left hand is resting on the back of the chair near a blanket and white hat with ribbon are draped over the edge. The portrait is mounted on a light brown mat with a dark oval trim around perimeter of portrait. A drawing of a ribbon with a rounded picture hook is at the top of the oval trim. Bottom right of the portrait reads (engraved): Lux Sealy, Tex. Image dimensions are: 8.8 cm X 12.2 cm
Date: 1910

[David F. Phillippi in front of Plaza Hotel in Rosenberg]

Description: Photograph of David F. Phillippi in front of Plaza Hotel in Rosenberg, ca. 1910. Phillippi is standing in front of his dairy carriage and holding two canisters of milk. There are three automobiles (with drivers) in the photo, as well as four people standing on the front porch of the hotel. Photograph is mounted on a light brown cardboard matte. Matte has an engraved border around the perimeter of the photograph. Corners are worn, piece missing in bottom left corner. Image dimensions are: 18 cm X 13 cm.
Date: 1910

[Lizzie Wessendorff as a young girl, c. 1910.]

Description: Formal photographic portrait of Lizzie Wessendorff, ca. 1910. Wessendorff is seated on a carved wooden chair, wearing a white cotton dress with lace overlay. Her hair is pulled back with a large white bow accented with small flowers. Image mounted on pale gray matte. Matte is imprinted "Blackburn Studio, Houston, Tex."
Date: 1910
Creator: Blackburn

[Mrs. Swinford, Lizzie Wessendorff, etc.]

Description: Photograph of (as identified on back in ink) Mrs. Swinford, Lizzie Wessendorff, Jennetta Wessendorff, Archietta Davis Jones, Jennie Jones Wessendorff, Marguerite Wessendorff, Doris Wessendorff, Marie Wessendorff. Three little girls are sitting on a long wooden bench in front of five (standing) women. There is a see-saw behind the women to the right of photo. White picket fence on left. House in background on right. The photo is torn on top right corner and the top left is folded. Center is creased.
Date: 1910

[A.M. Holmes (as identified on back in blue ink).]

Description: Photograph of A.M. Holmes (as identified on back in blue ink). Holmes is wearing a suit that is buttoned to the top. He has a dark tie with white stripes. Holmes has a long mustache that ends in defined point. Image is peeling or distorted across the middle of his face. Photograph is mounted on tan cardboard substrate that has scalloped edging with gold trim. Below a gold design at bottom is photographer name: C.O. Lorenz, Richmond, Texas.
Date: 1910
Creator: Lorenz, C.O.

[Christian Church]

Description: Postcard image of Christian Church (now Central Christian Church) in Rosenberg, Texas. White, wooden church building with bell tower on northwest corner. Utility pole in left corner of photo. Barn in background (left). Blank line on right side.
Date: 1910