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[A young man wearing a striped three-piece suit.]

Description: Photograph of a young man wearing a striped three-piece suit. He has on a white shirt with a short tie of dark and white design. He has curly hair, parted on his left side. He has a short, thin mustache and short, trimmed beard. Photograph is mounted on tan cardboard substrata with red trim around edge. Bottom of photo reads in red: Blessing & Co. Galveston. Back of photo: B&C interwoven, Blessing & Co. 174 Tremont Street (written on drawn banner), Galveston. Vine in background. Top, right corner of photo is worn away.
Date: 1872
Creator: Blessing and Co.

[Aftermath of 1900 Galveston storm, locating storm victims]

Description: Photo on cardboard mat. Aftermath of 1900 Galveston storm. Wagon load of storm victims. Two men are walking behind the wagon. Wagon driver is standing up and holding reins to horses. Foreground shows wood debris. Large covered area in background. Back of photo reads: NO-26. On 22st & wharf 73 wagon loads of storm victims buried at Sea, on SEPT-10 1900 W.A. Green. Galveston, Texas.
Date: 1900

[Damage from storm of 1900 in Galveston]

Description: Photo on cardboard mat. Damage from storm of 1900 in Galveston. A group of men (11) are searching a pile of wooden rubble left behind after the storm. Back of photo reads: Galveston, Texas, October 7, 1900. APPEAL FOR THE HOMELESS OF GALVESTON. Does the evidence here portrayed bring to you a thought of the distressing need of Galveston's homeless survivors? Do you not feel that it is your duty to contribute your portion to the worthy work of procuring shelter and household goods for those who are now without shelter? Do you realize that a small sum from each sympathizer will aggregate an amount sufficient to meet this great and pressing need? All money should be remitted to MISS CLARA BARTON, President, American National Red Cross, Galveston, Texas. (Picture) No. 33 Remarks- Sunday morning getting out the dead
Date: 1900

[Postcard image of the Brigham-San Jacinto Monument]

Description: Postcard image (souvenir) of the "Brigham-San Jacinto Monument, As seen at the unveiling on the 26 August, 1881, at the Pavilion, Galveston, Texas". Card has picture of the freestanding monument located in the interior of a building. Monument is draped by the U.S. and Texas flag on its right and left. A statue can be seen in background and a window (glare) above it. Wooden chair on far right.
Date: August 26, 1881

[Polly Ryon as an older woman.]

Description: Photograph of Polly Ryon as an older woman. She is wearing a dark dress with ruffles at collar and a bow tied over the ruffles. Photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate. Written at the bottom of the cardboard in black: Justus Zahn, Galveston, Texas. Also in pencil: Mrs. Ryon.
Date: unknown
Creator: Fahn, Justus

[Five young women and Four young men]

Description: Group portrait of 5 young women and 4 young men. Portrait is informal, with one woman in the top row lighting a cigarette for the man on her right, and one man on the bottom row offering a cigarette to the woman on his left. Image is mounted on a cardboard substrate with scalloped edges. Photographer's mark: "George H. Wonfor, Artist and Photographer." Wonfor worked in Galveston 1896-1897.
Date: 1896

Mamie Davis (Mrs. A. P. George) as a young girl.

Description: Photograph of Mamie Davis (Mrs. A.P. George) as a young girl. She is wearing a white dress with ruffles on sleeves and toward bottom of dress. She is holding a fan in her left hand and her left elbow is resting on a whicker chair. Bottom of cardboard reads (in gold): Jahn (emblem) 418 Tremont St. Galveston, Tex. Back of photo reads Justus Fahn Portraits 418 Tremont St. Galveston, Texas. Duplicates can be had at any time.
Date: unknown
Creator: Fahn, Justus