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[Plane wreckage in Fort Bend County in 1918]

Description: Photograph (copy) of "plane wreckage in Fort Bend County in 1918, " as type written on back of photo. African American man standing on left of wing. Two children dressed in coats and hat are standing in front of the plane wing. They are standing to either side of a circular emblem on wing. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1918

[The Championship Girls Basketball Team (1918) from Richmond]

Description: Photograph of the Championship Girls Basketball Team (1918) from Richmond High School. Women are dressed in light colored shirts with big white collars. Five of the women have scarves around their collars. They are seated on the steps of the school with a basketball with R.H.S. Champions 1918 printed on the ball. Team members identified (written on back of photo in pencil) from left to right as: Bottom row: Lucile Rich, Rosalie Daughtery, Marguerite Wessendorff. Top row: Johnny Winder, Coach - Margaret Hodges, Aline Austin, and Mary Haggard.
Date: 1918