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[J. Franek and sons stacking hay near Needville, Texas]

Description: Photograph of J. Franek and sons stacking hay near Needville, Texas, in 1915. Man on left is standing in a hay-loaded wagon. Man in middle is leaning against the large stack of hay and has hay on a hay fork that he is holding up over his head. There is a third man standing on top of the hay stack. Top of fence posts in foreground. Fence and partial view of a white building in far left corner.
Date: 1915

The sheriff's office at the Court House.

Description: Photograph with black edging, mounted on a gray mat of the sheriff's office at the Court House. Man writing at desk in far left corner. Five men seated in wooden chairs (one on far right holding up a gun and leaning elbow on desk.) Back of photo identifies man at desk as Mr. Oglivy; third from left as H.M. Shannon and M.L. Woolley, Sheriff, at far right. Photo has rip in bottom right corner. Also tear in mat at bottom left.
Date: 1913

[George Baker with a mustache]

Description: Photograph of George Baker. (as identified on back of photo in pencil and blue ink.) Older, balding man with gray hair and mustache. His suit jacket has a medal and pin attached to the left lapel. He has a white shirt and striped tie (crooked). Photo (oval cut) is mounted on a tan cardboard matte. Photographer name is engraved in lower, right corner: ?, Houston, Texas. Photo has scratches in top right area. Matte is stained (water?).
Date: 1911

[World War I of Ligny in Barrois]

Description: Postcard from World War I of Ligny in Barrois written by H.N. Pierce to his mother, Mrs. J.B. Pierce from Sugar Land, Texas. Photo has line of wagons on street. Buildings on left of photo. Postcard has tear on bottom (piece missing) and is crinkled in several places.
Date: 1919

[August Thuesen Blacksmith Shop in Needville, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the August Thuesen Blacksmith Shop in Needville, Texas. Richard Lehmann, August Thuesen, Mrs. Thuesen, and their two children are seen in the photo. The four people are standing at northwest corner of the blacksmith shop. The little boy is standing on a barrel and his mother has her left arm around him. Mrs. Thuesen and her daughter are both wearing dark colored dresses. The shop is a wooden building with a covered walkway at front entrance. Sign at front of building reads: AUG. THUESEN. BLACKSMITH & HORSE SHOEING. The photo is mounted on a gray cardboard substrate. Photo is peeling from cardboard around edges. Photo is cracked in right center. Cardboard is pealing and has broken area at top.
Date: 1914

[Two oil derricks]

Description: Postcard issued by Bank of the Southwest using images from F.J. Schlueter Collection. Image is of two oil derricks. Car and wagon are on the road in front of the derricks. Text on the back of the postcard reads, "For a long time, oil has been the biggest game in town. Even in 1916 when Houston thoroughfares had as many horses and buggies as automobiles. Photograph from the Bank of the Southwest--F.J. Schlueter Collection." Image is from ca. 1920, but postcard is from ca. 1970.
Date: 1916

[Fifth grade class at Rosenberg School]

Description: Photograph (copy) of fifth grade class at Rosenberg School in 1913. Students have been identified as left to right: Teacher, Lena Goodman, Rose Sibyl, LaVonne Hobbs, Clarie Coats, Elizabeth Weisner, Norma Whistler, Marie Moore, Edwin Hardin, Ben D. Ward, Supt. V.L. Peterson Second row: Neta Donnaly, Nelly Ray Lowery, Ethel Speight, Leora Cooper, ?? Hopkins, Josie Marshall, Eula Hopkins, Garna Ward, Helen Griffith Third row: Sidney Clark, Lewis J.O. Vogelsang, Burt Gray, Percy McKean, L.F. O'Shieles, Alphonse Schmidt, Louie Parrott, Henry Meyer, Joe Tobola , Floyd Ryba, Edwin Kroesche, Johnnie McNabb. The students are standing in front of a white wood building. Bottom row far left, teacher is wearing a white dress with a flower pinned to the center of her dress. The Superintendent is wearing a dark suit with white shirt and he is sitting on a wooden barrel on right of first row. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1913

[Street scene in Rosenberg, City Drug Store to the left]

Description: Photograph (copy) of street scene in Rosenberg, Texas circa: 1915. Businesses seen are City Drug Store (far right brick building) A.G. Neighbor, Proprietor; City Bakery; and Meat Market. Two men are standing on sidewalk in front of the City Drugs. A man is walking in front of City Bakery. Person is standing in the doorway of the Meat Market and two adults and two children in white can be seen at far end of sidewalk. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1915~

[Sunday School class of Christian Church]

Description: Photograph (copy) of a Sunday School class of Christian Church that was built in early 1900's. First row of children is seated on the grass. Second row is standing. Two adults in back of group: to left a man wearing a dark jacket and white shirt; to right a woman wearing a light colored dress with white collar and a large hat. The group is standing in front of a white wooden building (two windows visible). Bottom of photo reads; PHOTO BY HOLMAN ROSENBERG, NOVEMBER 1912. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: November 1912

[Rosenberg High School, car parked to the left]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the Rosenberg High School. Written at bottom in white: HIGH SCHOOL. ROSENBERG, TEXAS. School building is a three story brick building. Several trees around the school obscure the view. An automobile (to left) parked under one tree. School was located facing Avenue H and 8th Street. Circa 1913-1967. It was torn down in 1967 for the construction of the Weingarten Plaza. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1915~

[Tubby (L.F.) O'Shieles on a pony]

Description: Photograph (copy) of Tubby (L.F.) O'Shieles on a pony. Kitty Marshall is standing next to the pony. The photograph was taken in 1911. O'Shieles is wearing short pants with white shirt with hat. Marshall is wearing a dark dress with bib front. She has a big bow and a necklace around her neck. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1911

[Street scene in Rosenberg, bakery to the right of photo]

Description: Photograph (copy) of a street scene in Rosenberg, Texas circa 1915. Two story white business to left ? And Sons Store (sign is obscured by tree on left). Two trees (men standing under them) in center of photo. City Bakery can be seen to the right of the trees. Two children are in the street in front of the City Bakery. Dirt street in foreground. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1915~

[Progress Band of Fairchilds, Texas]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the Progress Band of Fairchilds, Texas in 1916. Probably the first band of Fort Bend County. The large drum to the left of the band members proclaims their name: PROGRESS BAND. The members are wearing dark jackets with white pants, and band hats. Fourth from right has been identified as E. H. Walenta; and second from left has been identified as B. B. Stavinoha. The band (holding their instruments) is standing in front of a white wooden building. {one copy shows a young child squatted on the edge of a porch on far left of photo, both copies are marked 1982.033.012. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1916