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[John M. Moore, Jr. Family in the Moore home]

Description: Photographic portrait of John Moore, Jr. Family, taken in parlor of Moore home, ca. 1947. Pictured left to right: John Moore III, Dorothea Guenther Moore, Charlien Martin (age 7), Edwina (Mrs. John II) Moore, Philip Moore (age 1), John Moore, Jr., Hallie Kellie Peareson (Mrs. Hilmar) Moore, Himar Moore, Dorothea Moore (age 3), Marie Bachman Guenther.
Date: 1947

[Hallie Kellie Peareson Moore]

Description: Photographic portrait of Hallie Kellie Peareson Moore (Mrs. Hilmar Moore) and sons, Hilmar and Philip, 1949. Peareson is seated at a desk with Hilmar (age 2) sitting on the desk wearing a white jumper and Philip (Age 4) standing in front of her wearing a white shorts set. Photographer's mark, "S.L. Poor 1949"
Date: 1949

[Roy and Dorothy Schmidt and their Aunt Lillie Maresh Gentry]

Description: Roy and Dorothy Schmidt posed in front of automobile with their Aunt Lillie Maresh Gentry during WWII. Children are both wearing overalls. Lillie is wearing a short sleeved shirt with below the knee hemline. The dress ties at collar and has ruffled front with buttons. Lillie has shoulder length dark hair. Dorothy has short, curly blonde hair. Roy's cap is covering his hair. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1944

[Home of Mrs. E.W. Ransom]

Description: Photo of Home of Mrs. E.W. Ransom, 7th and Jackson, Northwest Corner, Richmond, Texas. Summer of 1943. Also known as the J. T. Dyer house. White, wooden, two story home with a porch that wraps around the sides of the house. A boy is walking in front of a shrub (to the right of the front entrance). A woman wearing a white apron can be seen walking away from the camera (to the far right of photo).
Date: 1943

[Sheriff's Department group photo, taken on side of FBC jail]

Description: Copy print of Sheriff's Department group photo, taken on side of Fort Bend County Jail, Richmond, on April 5, 1941. First Row: Rue Lincecum, Rusk Roane; Second Row: Fred Zwahr, Zora Dell Woolley, Slim Barta, Charles Smith, Paul Wenzel, Ed Battle, Jim Cortez. The two men in the front row on sitting on the back of their heels. See 1999.004.011 for more identification.
Date: April 5, 1941

[Wade Phillips, Jack Phillips, Myrtle Phillips Gormey.]

Description: Photograph of Wade Phillips, Jack Phillips, Myrtle Phillips Gormey taken in 1942. Wade Phillips is wearing a white long sleeved shirt with tie, and dark pants. He has his left hand in his pants pocket and his right hand is at his back. Jack has gray hair and mustache and is wearing light colored pants and shirt. Gormey is wearing a short sleeved vee-neck striped dress with a belt at her waist. She has short wavy hair. She has a watch on her left wrist. An automobile can be seen behind the group. Trees in background. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1942

[John Moore, Jr, and Dorothea Guenther Moore]

Description: Photograph of John Moore, Jr, and Dorothea Guenther Moore standing in front of a fireplace. He is wearing wire rimmed eyeglasses, a light colored pin-stripe suit with dark tie. His left hand is resting on the mantle. Dorothea is wearing a dark knee-length dress and shoes. He has her right hand on John's hip. Bottom of a large portrait can be seen hanging above the fireplace in background.
Date: 1947