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[J. Franek and sons stacking hay near Needville, Texas]

Description: Photograph of J. Franek and sons stacking hay near Needville, Texas, in 1915. Man on left is standing in a hay-loaded wagon. Man in middle is leaning against the large stack of hay and has hay on a hay fork that he is holding up over his head. There is a third man standing on top of the hay stack. Top of fence posts in foreground. Fence and partial view of a white building in far left corner.
Date: 1915

The sheriff's office at the Court House.

Description: Photograph with black edging, mounted on a gray mat of the sheriff's office at the Court House. Man writing at desk in far left corner. Five men seated in wooden chairs (one on far right holding up a gun and leaning elbow on desk.) Back of photo identifies man at desk as Mr. Oglivy; third from left as H.M. Shannon and M.L. Woolley, Sheriff, at far right. Photo has rip in bottom right corner. Also tear in mat at bottom left.
Date: 1913

[George Baker with a mustache]

Description: Photograph of George Baker. (as identified on back of photo in pencil and blue ink.) Older, balding man with gray hair and mustache. His suit jacket has a medal and pin attached to the left lapel. He has a white shirt and striped tie (crooked). Photo (oval cut) is mounted on a tan cardboard matte. Photographer name is engraved in lower, right corner: ?, Houston, Texas. Photo has scratches in top right area. Matte is stained (water?).
Date: 1911

[Businesses in Rosenberg, Texas]

Description: Postcard image of businesses in Rosenberg, Texas. Businesses seen are: Gold Standard Saloon (left), Meyer-Forster Land and Loan Co. (far right), M. Lewis Dry Goods. Two men in buggies are in front of the dry goods store. Two automobiles on right side of street.
Date: 1915

[Plane wreckage in Fort Bend County in 1918]

Description: Photograph (copy) of "plane wreckage in Fort Bend County in 1918, " as type written on back of photo. African American man standing on left of wing. Two children dressed in coats and hat are standing in front of the plane wing. They are standing to either side of a circular emblem on wing. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1918