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[Jane Long's tombstone in Morton Cemetery.]

Description: Photograph of Jane Long's tombstone in Morton Cemetery. Photo taken as a publicity shot for the Suburbia Newspaper. Taken before stone was cleaned. Free standing tombstone in center of photograph distinctly reads LONG near bottom. Three other freestanding tombstones can be seen to the left of photograph. Tree branches at top of photograph. Trees in background.
Date: 1970/1988

[Jennetta (left) and Lizzie (right) Wessendorff, ca. 1901.]

Description: Photograph of Jennetta (left) and Lizzie (right) Wessendorff, ca. 1901. Girls are wearing similar white dresses with pin tucked yokes and sleeves. Body of Jennetta's dress is also pin tucked; Lizzie's is gathered. Dresses have ribbon clusters at both shoulders. Girls' heads are touching. Image is mounted on a black cardboard matte with gray borders immediately around image and double gray lines around edge of matte. Photographer's mark on right edge of matte, "C.R. Blackburn, Houston, Texas." Image dimensions: 14.0 cm x 9.9 cm. It appears like the back layers of the original matte have been peeled away, exposing tan cardboard interior on the back of the photo.
Date: 1901~
Creator: Blackburn, C.R.

[Richmond School pupils, 7th through 10th grades]

Description: Photograph of the Richmond School pupils, 7th through 10th grades. There are eight boys (all wearing hats) sitting on the grass in the front row. Two girls are standing on a brick rail to the front steps on the right of photo. Students and teachers (2 on right) are also standing/sitting in three of the visible windows. Photograph is mounted on gray cardboard substrate. Cardboard is worn at edges with pieces being broken at top left, and bottom right and left. Back of photo in pencil: Richmond School- 7th -10th gr. 1906-07.
Date: 1906/1907

[Two women standing on a bridge.]

Description: Photograph of two women standing on a bridge. One woman is wearing white with a white hat and the other is wearing a light-colored dress with a dark-colored hat. They are standing to the right side of the bridge. Shadows of people can be seen in the foreground. Photo is bent at each corner.
Date: 1922~

[Dreibroat Dance Band]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the Dreibroat Dance Band standing in front of the old Holy Rosary Rectory on Sixth Street. Men are identified as left to right, first row: Joe Herslscher, Gus Dreibroat (band leader), Vince Nesvadba, John Nesvadba. Second row: Bill Nesvadba, Arnold Dusek, Thomas Sicinski, Henry Sicinski, Leo Albright. Circa: late 1920's. Man in first row left is wearing sunglasses and has drum and drumsticks. Man on left, back row, has large drum. First row is standing on street, second row is standing on the curb. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1920~

[Congregation of the Christian Church of Rosenberg]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the congregation of the Christian Church of Rosenberg, Built in the 1900's on Third Street and Avenue J. A man wearing a dark suit and bowtie with white shirt, is standing to the left of photo and to the left of a large group of people. All of the women and children in the first row except one, are wearing white dresses. The one woman in the center of first row is wearing a black skirt, white belt and blouse, dark beads, and a large dark hat. The group is standing in front of the church double doors (one door is open, the other closed.) Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1900~

[Rosenberg High School, car parked to the left]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the Rosenberg High School. Written at bottom in white: HIGH SCHOOL. ROSENBERG, TEXAS. School building is a three story brick building. Several trees around the school obscure the view. An automobile (to left) parked under one tree. School was located facing Avenue H and 8th Street. Circa 1913-1967. It was torn down in 1967 for the construction of the Weingarten Plaza. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1915~

[Business section of Rosenberg taken from Avenue H]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the business section of Rosenberg taken from Avenue H down Third Street Circa 1930's. In white on bottom of photo is printed: BUSINESS SECTION, ROSENBERG, TEX. Cole Theatre on left with movie "Play Girl" advertised. On right of street at corner is Ost Garage and then Ost Barber shop. Cars and trucks parked on both sides of the street. A car and a truck are in the middle of the street. A stoplight is seen at top left of photo. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1930~

[Street scene in Rosenberg, City Drug Store to the left]

Description: Photograph (copy) of street scene in Rosenberg, Texas circa: 1915. Businesses seen are City Drug Store (far right brick building) A.G. Neighbor, Proprietor; City Bakery; and Meat Market. Two men are standing on sidewalk in front of the City Drugs. A man is walking in front of City Bakery. Person is standing in the doorway of the Meat Market and two adults and two children in white can be seen at far end of sidewalk. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1915~

[Street scene in Rosenberg, bakery to the right of photo]

Description: Photograph (copy) of a street scene in Rosenberg, Texas circa 1915. Two story white business to left ? And Sons Store (sign is obscured by tree on left). Two trees (men standing under them) in center of photo. City Bakery can be seen to the right of the trees. Two children are in the street in front of the City Bakery. Dirt street in foreground. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1915~

[Shultz Equipment Company]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the Shultz Equipment Company that was located at Third Street and Avenue I. The store was destroyed by a fire in the 1940's. The store building is a two story brick building with glass front. Canopies cover part of the sidewalk (canopy on corner is rolled up). A truck is parked in front. Six automobiles are parked on the east side of building. Sign over front door reads: MAYTAG APPLIANCES. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1930~

[Parade in downtown Third Street in Rosenberg]

Description: Photograph (copy) of a parade in downtown Third Street in Rosenberg, Circa 1913. Man holding a drum in the center of street - drum has "Texas Cowb? Band" written on the side. Sign held in parade reads: VOTE FOR US. Business of Winston Company to left of photo. Person on a bicycle on right side of the street. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1913~

[Santa Fe and Southern Pacific Railroad Depot]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific Railroad Depot on Third Street in Rosenberg, Texas Circa: 1940. The depot is a one story white stucco building with "ROSENBERG'' sign on west side of building. Twin water towers on right behind a train engine. Automobiles on left. Train tracks in foreground. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1940~