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[Aftermath of 1900 Galveston storm, locating storm victims]

Description: Photo on cardboard mat. Aftermath of 1900 Galveston storm. Wagon load of storm victims. Two men are walking behind the wagon. Wagon driver is standing up and holding reins to horses. Foreground shows wood debris. Large covered area in background. Back of photo reads: NO-26. On 22st & wharf 73 wagon loads of storm victims buried at Sea, on SEPT-10 1900 W.A. Green. Galveston, Texas.
Date: 1900

[Albert P. and Mamie George house]

Description: Photographic print of Albert P. and Mamie George house (Ranch House at the George Ranch) in 1915. Photo shows the south face and the cistern tower. Partial view of large tree to right and left of photograph. Picket fence in front of house. Wire fence in foreground. Several wooden boxes are lined up along the wire fence line.
Date: 1915

[Alexander D. McNabb I]

Description: Photograph of "Alexander D. McNabb I, perhaps about 1885. Born May 4, 1854 and died February 20, 1911. He was the first child of John McNabb and Mary Smith McNabb. He is buried in Morton Cemetery in Richmond" as identified on back of photograph in pen. Photograph is of a young man with thin, dark hair and mustache. He is wearing a three piece (light colored) suit with different color (or perhaps fabric) trim on inside portion of lapel. He has on a white shirt and light colored bow tied tie. Photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate with " Cabinet Portrait. C.J. Wright. Houston" Printed in black at the bottom. The back of the cardboard is pink with multi-circular designs as background. Written in back under a drawing of a camera, paint palette, brushes in front of the sun and an emblem is: I HAVE ENGAGED THE SUN TO SHINE FOR ME. C. J. WRIGHT, HOUSTON, TEXAS. ALL NEGATIVES PRESERVED. Duplicates may be obtained at any time.
Date: 1885

[Altar of the new Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Rosenberg]

Description: Photograph of the altar of the new Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Rosenberg, Texas. Image was copied from a book. The photograph shows the dome ceiling above the altar with two full length painted images and two partial images in a circular frame. Two stained glass windows are to the left and right of the sacristy. Full length paintings of saints are also seen painted on the wall around the sacristy.
Date: unknown

[Amphitheatre, Texas Centennial Exposition]

Description: Photograph of the Amphitheatre taken during the Texas Centennial Exposition in Dallas, Texas in 1936. The theatre is a huge dome shaped cement stage. Two people are standing toward front of stage (left) and may be singers with a seated orchestra in the background. Rows of seating can be seen in foreground.
Date: 1936

[Amuel See's Farm]

Description: Photograph (copy) of "A. See Farm" as written in white across the bottom of photo. Amuel See's farm was located about 6 miles out of Rosenberg (as typed on back of photo). Picture shows a large group of young people picking cotton in a cotton field. The cotton sacks are visibly hanging from shoulder to waist and then to the side or behind them (not everyone has a cotton sack, the very young children, of course, do not have one). Most of the members of the group are wearing straw hats. The third man from right is holding a toddler. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: unknown

[Amuel See's Farm Six Mile]

Description: Photograph (copy) of a "Scene at Amuel See's Farm Six Mile" as written in white on front of photo. Farm was located about six miles out of Rosenberg (as typed on back). Three dark horses (ropes held by young children). Three young children, two girls dressed in white knee length dresses and one boy in dark short pant set, and an infant (far right) in white with white cap are all in a pasture. Partial view of another young man dressed in short pants, and holding reins of horse. Black and white dog (lying down) in the pasture in the background. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: unknown