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[A "Birds eye view of Rosenberg (east)".]

Description: Photograph titled a "Birds eye view of Rosenberg (east)" on front of the picture. One story white building with white railed porch in foreground of photograph. Other two story stucco and brick buildings in the background on the same street as the white buildings. Utility poles on left of photograph.
Date: 1919

[Businesses in Rosenberg, Texas]

Description: Postcard image of businesses in Rosenberg, Texas. Businesses seen are: Gold Standard Saloon (left), Meyer-Forster Land and Loan Co. (far right), M. Lewis Dry Goods. Two men in buggies are in front of the dry goods store. Two automobiles on right side of street.
Date: 1915

[C. A. Moers Hay Baling Crew]

Description: Photograph of C. A. Moers hay baling crew. A young African-American boy is sitting on a hay baler that is beside two dark horses with harnesses. Two African-American men are on either side of a wagon. Man on horseback in background on left. A man is also standing on top of a wagon loaded with hay bales.
Date: 1912

[Carl Hilmar Guenther, Jr. family]

Description: Photograph (copy, originals found in the Moore Home) of the Carl Hilmar Guenther, Jr. family taken in 1915. Guenther's wife, his two daughters, and Guenther. Photograph has dark cropping around it. Mrs. Guenther on left is wearing a black lace overdress with white underneath. She has a necklace with large pendant. Her dark hair is softly pulled up into bun. Her daughters are wearing white dresses. Mr. Guenther, who has graying dark hair, is wearing a dark three-piece suit with white shirt and dark tie. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1915

[The Championship Girls Basketball Team (1918) from Richmond]

Description: Photograph of the Championship Girls Basketball Team (1918) from Richmond High School. Women are dressed in light colored shirts with big white collars. Five of the women have scarves around their collars. They are seated on the steps of the school with a basketball with R.H.S. Champions 1918 printed on the ball. Team members identified (written on back of photo in pencil) from left to right as: Bottom row: Lucile Rich, Rosalie Daughtery, Marguerite Wessendorff. Top row: Johnny Winder, Coach - Margaret Hodges, Aline Austin, and Mary Haggard.
Date: 1918

[Children on tricycles.]

Description: Photograph (copy) of children on tricycles. The children are identified as: Mary Ann, Dot, Mary Jones and Mamie on the porch. The child at front is on a scooter. She has her left foot on the scooter and her right foot on the sidewalk. Two other children can partially be seen behind her. There is a tricycle (no rider) to the right of the front steps. A woman can be seen sitting on a porch swing to left of porch. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1912

[Christian Church]

Description: Postcard image of Christian Church (now Central Christian Church) in Rosenberg, Texas. White, wooden church building with bell tower on northwest corner. Utility pole in left corner of photo. Barn in background (left). Blank line on right side.
Date: 1910

[Clara and Frank Maresh]

Description: Clara and Frank Maresh dressed in WWI Red Cross and Army uniforms for the funeral of their uncle Frank Maresh's funeral in Sealy, TX Clara is wearing a white dress with white nurse habit on her head. She is holding a white flag with cross on it. Frank is wearing a army uniform and is holding an American flag. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1918

[Concord School of Fairchilds, Texas]

Description: Photograph of Concord School of Fairchild, Texas about 1914. The teacher was Miss Fannie Dedek. Girl in front row on far left is blurred. Teacher is standing in last row on far right. She is wearing a white blouse with darker colored skirt. Her hands are behind her back. Her dark hair is pulled back. The group is standing in front of a white, wooden building.
Date: 1914

[Counter-mounted butcher paper cutter]

Description: Counter-mounted butcher paper cutter. Wooden dowel which held paper roll rests in u-shaped brackets at each end of cutter. Spring-loaded straightedge provides a tearing surface. Unit has holes in base for mounting to counter. Base is braced on one side with a flat metal strip (.5" x 24.4 "); other side is held by a piece of wire. Top of unit is made from a flat wooden bar. (a) is main part. (b) is wooden dowel.
Date: 1910

[David F. Phillippi in front of Plaza Hotel in Rosenberg]

Description: Photograph of David F. Phillippi in front of Plaza Hotel in Rosenberg, ca. 1910. Phillippi is standing in front of his dairy carriage and holding two canisters of milk. There are three automobiles (with drivers) in the photo, as well as four people standing on the front porch of the hotel. Photograph is mounted on a light brown cardboard matte. Matte has an engraved border around the perimeter of the photograph. Corners are worn, piece missing in bottom left corner. Image dimensions are: 18 cm X 13 cm.
Date: 1910