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[A woman wearing a dark-colored dress. She is sitting.]

Description: Photograph of a woman wearing a dark-colored dress. She is sitting in a chair with her left arm resting on a tasseled arm of the chair. Dress has a white lace collar and she has a black ribbon around her neck. A hurricane lamp in hanging in the top, left corner of the photo. Window is to the far right of photo. Photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate with bronze-colored trim around it. Back of photo reads: Hough's Gallery, Waco.
Date: unknown
Creator: Hough's Gallery

[Woman (with back to camera)]

Description: Photograph (copy) of a woman (with back to camera) holding the back of her skirt with her left hands she walks on a sidewalk toward a picket fence gate. She is wearing a light colored skirt with black belt and white blouse. She has dark hair pulled up in bun on top of her head. Another woman wearing a dark skirt and white blouse is exiting through a gate. Large tree on other side of fence. Shrubs to right and left of gate. Trees in background. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: unknown

[Women eating lunch at a table set up in a yard.]

Description: Photograph of women eating lunch at a table set up in a yard. Black and white image has been hand tinted in pink and green tones. Women are identified from left to right as follows: _______, Mrs. J.W. Slavin, _______, Mrs. Archie [Davis] Jones, Miss Fannie Sansbury, Mrs. Rachel Davis, Mrs. Mary McGee. Photograph has been removed from its original matte. Matte is a gray tri-fold enclosure with scalloped edges. Photograph opening has a slightly arched top.
Date: 1930

[Wood punch set]

Description: Wood punch set (a,b) with interchangeable tips (c-i). Hollow hardwood punch (a) with screw off butt (b) and metal clamp to hold tips. Tips of varying shapes and lengths: (c ) flat, 4.2 cm; (d) flat 5.1 cm ; (e) diamond 6.2 cm; (f) drill bit 5.0 cm; (g) flat 4.0 cm; (h) square 4.0 cm (I) is in the clamp and could not be removed for identification or marking. Belonged to Amos Edward Stanton (1850-1921), who came to west Houston in 1900. Date range of 1880-1910 extrapolated from Stanton's life dates.
Date: 1900

[Wooden house with an unidentified woman]

Description: Photograph (copy) of an wooden house with an unidentified woman sitting on the front porch steps. The unpainted house has shutters on front windows (windows to right: one set of shutters is open, other closed but partially obscured by shrub). Woman seated on porch is wearing a light colored skirt with light colored jacket. She has a dark object in her lap. A wooden rocker can partially be seen through the doorway of house. Top of shrub in bottom left of corner. Limb of tree at top. Other wooden structures in left background. Scanned image and dimensions are of the copy.
Date: unknown

[Wooden shipping box]

Description: Wooden shipping box for "Kelly Perfect Axes, Kelly Axe & Tool Works of the American Fork & How Co. Charleston, W.Va., USA." (preceding text printed on side of box) Box contained "4 to 5 Dayton Pattern No. 2 hdls Red Tip Thin Blade," according to text printed on bottom of the box. 10-19-1937 imprinted on one end of the box. Water stains evident on wood.
Date: 1937

[World War I of Ligny in Barrois]

Description: Postcard from World War I of Ligny in Barrois written by H.N. Pierce to his mother, Mrs. J.B. Pierce from Sugar Land, Texas. Photo has line of wagons on street. Buildings on left of photo. Postcard has tear on bottom (piece missing) and is crinkled in several places.
Date: 1919