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[Wooden chest with iron fixtures]

Description: Wooden chest with iron fixtures. The top is covered with a sheet of tin fastened with nails around the perimeter. Handles on either side of the box. Box is hand made, and seems designed to have an inner shelf. EMPTY.
Date: unknown

[Wooden house with an unidentified woman]

Description: Photograph (copy) of an wooden house with an unidentified woman sitting on the front porch steps. The unpainted house has shutters on front windows (windows to right: one set of shutters is open, other closed but partially obscured by shrub). Woman seated on porch is wearing a light colored skirt with light colored jacket. She has a dark object in her lap. A wooden rocker can partially be seen through the doorway of house. Top of shrub in bottom left of corner. Limb of tree at top. Other wooden structures in left background. Scanned image and dimensions are of the copy.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

[Wooden shipping box]

Description: Wooden shipping box for "Kelly Perfect Axes, Kelly Axe & Tool Works of the American Fork & How Co. Charleston, W.Va., USA." (preceding text printed on side of box) Box contained "4 to 5 Dayton Pattern No. 2 hdls Red Tip Thin Blade," according to text printed on bottom of the box. 10-19-1937 imprinted on one end of the box. Water stains evident on wood.
Date: 1937

[Wooden tripod base]

Description: Wooden tripod base to 1999.012.001a. Metal covered tip is missing from bottom of one of three turned legs. Levels transit with four screw knobs.
Date: 1880

[World War I of Ligny in Barrois]

Description: Postcard from World War I of Ligny in Barrois written by H.N. Pierce to his mother, Mrs. J.B. Pierce from Sugar Land, Texas. Photo has line of wagons on street. Buildings on left of photo. Postcard has tear on bottom (piece missing) and is crinkled in several places.
Date: 1919
Item Type: Postcard

[A young couple, man is seated and woman is standing.]

Description: Photograph,mounted on cardboard, of a young couple. The man seated in a tasseled chair (right) is wearing a dark suit with white shirt. The woman is wearing a light colored dress with lace from elbow to above wrist. She is wearing a watch on her right wrist. She has a flower on her left shoulder and is holding a flower in her right hand. White spots on print.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

[Young girl downtown Rosenberg, TX]

Description: Photographic image of a girl downtown Rosenberg, TX. Girl is wearing white blouse, pleated skirt, dark knee socks, and sandals. see 1998.025.016 Buildings in background Schiff and Janack Dry Goods on left.
Date: 1920
Item Type: Photograph

[A young girl wearing a plaid dress.]

Description: Photograph mounted on (blue-black) cardboard of a young girl with long, curly hair. She is wearing a plaid dress with vest and lace at neckline. She has on dark stockings with dark boots. She is leaning on a fabric draped chair with her right elbow. Number on back of photo was 1972.065.006g and was changed to 1972.064.006g to match the numbers of this collection.
Date: unknown
Item Type: Photograph

[A young man dressed in a white shirt with white ruffled skirt.]

Description: Photograph mounted on cardboard of a young man dressed in a white shirt with white ruffled skirt. He has on stripe and design stockings with laced boots. He is standing on a covered backdrop that he is also able to lean on with his left elbow. Bottom of photo reads: From Anderson's, 85 Main Street, Houston, Texas.
Date: unknown
Creator: Anderson's
Item Type: Photograph

[A young man in a jacket and vest with a striped necktie.]

Description: Photograph of a young man in a jacket (top button is buttoned) and vest with a striped necktie. Vest has a chain through bottom button. Man has thin mustache. Photo is mounted on a cardboard substrate. Cardboard is trimmed in gold. Bottom right corner is nicked. White spot on left. Back of photo in black print reads: T.B. Elrod, Artist Photographer, Columbus, Texas. Two drawings of women in round frames, a camera, and a paintbrush and paint palette on back as part of name advertisement.
Date: unknown
Creator: Elrod, T. B.
Item Type: Photograph