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[Hallie Kellie Peareson Moore]

Description: Photographic portrait of Hallie Kellie Peareson Moore (Mrs. Hilmar Moore) and sons, Hilmar and Philip, 1949. Peareson is seated at a desk with Hilmar (age 2) sitting on the desk wearing a white jumper and Philip (Age 4) standing in front of her wearing a white shorts set. Photographer's mark, "S.L. Poor 1949"
Date: 1949

[Harry G. Thompson seated at his desk at Imperial Sugar Company]

Description: Photograph of Harry G. Thompson seated at his desk at Imperial Sugar Company. Circa: 1947. Thompson has thinning gray hair and is wearing wire frame eyeglasses. He is wearing dark pants, white shirt and striped tie. He has his hands clasped together and resting in his lap. A phone is hanging on the wall on right of photograph. Window with blinds in top, left background. Back of photo is stamped in red: HORACE G. TUCKER STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER THE HOUSTON POST. Also written in black: 1 Col. Please save these cuts for Morris Frank.
Date: 1947

[Home of Mrs. E.W. Ransom]

Description: Photo of Home of Mrs. E.W. Ransom, 7th and Jackson, Northwest Corner, Richmond, Texas. Summer of 1943. Also known as the J. T. Dyer house. White, wooden, two story home with a porch that wraps around the sides of the house. A boy is walking in front of a shrub (to the right of the front entrance). A woman wearing a white apron can be seen walking away from the camera (to the far right of photo).
Date: 1943

[Interior of Schmidt's Bakery]

Description: Photograph (copy) of the interior of Schmidt's Bakery that was located at 828 Third Street in Rosenberg, Texas. The bakery was owned by Joe and Ann Schmidt from 1940 to 1970. The interior shows the equipment used to mix and bake the goods sold at the bakery. Standing to the right of the equipment is the Schmidts' daughter, Mary Ann Schmidt, dressed in a striped dress with cap sleeves. She has short blonde hair and is wearing a bakers hat. She has white socks and shoes. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1941~

[John M. Moore, Jr. Family in the Moore home]

Description: Photographic portrait of John Moore, Jr. Family, taken in parlor of Moore home, ca. 1947. Pictured left to right: John Moore III, Dorothea Guenther Moore, Charlien Martin (age 7), Edwina (Mrs. John II) Moore, Philip Moore (age 1), John Moore, Jr., Hallie Kellie Peareson (Mrs. Hilmar) Moore, Himar Moore, Dorothea Moore (age 3), Marie Bachman Guenther.
Date: 1947

[John Moore, Jr, and Dorothea Guenther Moore]

Description: Photograph of John Moore, Jr, and Dorothea Guenther Moore standing in front of a fireplace. He is wearing wire rimmed eyeglasses, a light colored pin-stripe suit with dark tie. His left hand is resting on the mantle. Dorothea is wearing a dark knee-length dress and shoes. He has her right hand on John's hip. Bottom of a large portrait can be seen hanging above the fireplace in background.
Date: 1947

[Members of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church]

Description: Photograph (copy) of members of the St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Needville, Texas on the day of the church dedication ceremony - June 29, 1941. (Written on back in type). First row (of men and women) is seated. Second row (of men) is standing. Church building is to right (background) with front doors open. Trees and a house are visible in background. Scanned image is of a copy.
Date: June 29, 1941

[Richmond High School building]

Description: Photograph of Richmond High School building (site of the present Jane Long Elementary School) as identified on back of photo in pencil. Photograph shows the three story brick building's northeast corner. Photo is not level and has a dark area in top right and bottom left corner (can also vaguely be seen at top left and bottom right, also). Stamped on back: 1942 Fox-Tone Trade Mark Fox Co. San Antonio, Texas.
Date: 1942