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[Four children at play.]

Description: Photograph (copy) of four children at play. The children are identified as: Mary Jones, Wyatt Myers, Dott and Mary Ann. An infant is sitting in a wooden wagon. A girl is standing behind the wagon. Two children are standing back to back on right of photograph. Picket fence and one tree in background. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1912

[Full length portrait of Louise Mary Zapalac]

Description: Studio (full length) portrait of Louise Mary Zapalac, probably about the time of her marriage in 1910. Zapalac is wearing a white shirtwaist and a dark skirt. Louise has her dark hair parted in the center and pulled back into a bun. She has her left arm by her side (watch on wrist and ring on finger), and her right arm behind her. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1910

[George Baker with a mustache]

Description: Photograph of George Baker. (as identified on back of photo in pencil and blue ink.) Older, balding man with gray hair and mustache. His suit jacket has a medal and pin attached to the left lapel. He has a white shirt and striped tie (crooked). Photo (oval cut) is mounted on a tan cardboard matte. Photographer name is engraved in lower, right corner: ?, Houston, Texas. Photo has scratches in top right area. Matte is stained (water?).
Date: 1911

[A group of adults sitting on a porch in the summer of 1912.]

Description: Photograph (copy) of a group of people sitting on a porch in the summer of 1912. They are only identified as: Brother Willie, Uncle Walter, Aunt Bell, Sister, Cuz Mamie and Caddie. Two men wearing suits are sitting in in a porch swing on the left. Three women are sitting in chairs on the right. Partial view of a fourth woman. Arches of porch and rail can be seen in background on left to center. Rocking chair in left foreground. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1912

[A group of people at the Booth Home during the summer of 1912]

Description: Photographic print of group of people at Booth Home during summer, 1912. People identified as Brother Willie, Uncle Walter, Aunt Belle (Davis), sister (Zillah Wheat Myers), Cousin Mamie (George), Caddie. The group of people are sitting on the front porch of the Booth Home. Two men are sitting on a porch swing. Four women are seated to the left of the photograph. A wooden rocking chair is in the left foreground. The photograph is mounted on a white cardboard substrate.
Date: 1912

[A group of people sitting on a porch, child standing near the edge of porch]

Description: Photograph (copy) of a group of people sitting on the porch of the George house in the summer of 1912. A child is standing on the edge of the porch (short hair, wearing a light colored dress and dark shoes), a woman is squatting to the right in a dark dress with white collar and ribbon. Three men are sitting (leaning against the wall) in wooden chairs. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1912

[Houston Ship Channel]

Description: Postcard issued by Bank of the Southwest using images from F.J. Schlueter Collection. Image is of the Houston Ship Channel: Two large and one small boat are in view. Large boat at left carried a load of lumber. Large carts on dock at right suggest more oversize cargo will be unloaded. Text on the back of the postcard reads, "In 1914, Houston got its feet wet. Even though it was 50 miles inland, the city became a seaport. An eventually an international port-of-call. Gateway to Latin America and Europe. Photograph from the Bank of the Southwest--F.J. Schlueter Collection." Image is from ca. 1915, but postcard is from ca. 1970.
Date: 1915

[The interior of the J.H.P. Davis Bank, Richmond, TX. View of the teller booths.]

Description: Photograph of the interior of the J.H.P. Davis Bank, Richmond, TX. T.A. Wessendorff is standing in teller's booth at the left edge of the image. Bundled wheat shafts is hung to the right of the cashier window. Floor is tiled in snowflake or flower pattern. Cuspidors on the floor at left and next to table at right. There is a 1.5 x 1.5 cm piece missing from the photograph located along the top edge 6.5 cm from the left corner. Surface damage--maybe bugs? Damaged areas have been filled in with pencil.
Date: 1915

[J. Franek and sons stacking hay near Needville, Texas]

Description: Photograph of J. Franek and sons stacking hay near Needville, Texas, in 1915. Man on left is standing in a hay-loaded wagon. Man in middle is leaning against the large stack of hay and has hay on a hay fork that he is holding up over his head. There is a third man standing on top of the hay stack. Top of fence posts in foreground. Fence and partial view of a white building in far left corner.
Date: 1915

[Jane Long Oil Portrait]

Description: Photograph of Jane Long Oil Portrait (see 1987.003), taken before painting was altered to make Long look young. In dark wooden oval frame with berry or nut and leaf motif applique at top, bottom, left, right.. Dates are derived from photographer's mark, Schlueter, who worked in the Houston and Fort Bend County areas in the 1910s.
Date: 1915

[John M. Moore Home in 1914]

Description: Photographic postcard of John M. Moore Home, 1914. Image shows two white rocking chairs at center of front porch. Windows are shuttered. Written in blue ink on back, "Wish you were here with us." Addressed to "Mr. Jno. M. Moore, Jr., 203 West 19th St., Austin, Texas." Green one cent stamp with George Washington, cancelled Richmond, May 24, 7:30 pm, 1914.
Date: 1914