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[Arthur P. Parrott]

Description: Postcard image of Arthur P. Parrott (wearing white shirt and tie with dark pants) standing in front of the prescription counter at Pickard and Huggins Drug Store, Rosenberg, Texas. Back of photo in pen: Prescription Stand at Pickard & Huggins Rosenberg. BJ Parrott Miller, Negative on File. Typed: Picture of Arthur P. Parrott
Date: unknown

[The Ashley Davis family.]

Description: Photograph of the Ashley Davis family. From left to right as identified on the back of photo in pen: Mrs. Annie Davis Quinn, Dr. John Rich,( Annie's son) Max, Mr. And Mrs. Ashley Davis, Miss Bond, and Mrs. John Rich (Mary Davis). The children in the foreground (one on a rocking horse and the other in standing behind a wagon) are Ashley Davis Rich and Marshall Howard Rich, sons of Dr. John and Mary Davis Rich. Photo has family history written in blue ink on back of photo. Photograph is mounted on cardboard substrate. Photo has six adults and three children in foreground. One-story wooden house in background. Tree branches in top, left corner. Cardboard is ripped in top and bottom, right corners. Large crack in bottom, left corner and small broken area on top, left corner. White areas across middle and top center. Portion of photo is peeled away to left of photo.
Date: 1898

[August Thuesen Blacksmith Shop in Needville, Texas]

Description: Photograph of the August Thuesen Blacksmith Shop in Needville, Texas. Richard Lehmann, August Thuesen, Mrs. Thuesen, and their two children are seen in the photo. The four people are standing at northwest corner of the blacksmith shop. The little boy is standing on a barrel and his mother has her left arm around him. Mrs. Thuesen and her daughter are both wearing dark colored dresses. The shop is a wooden building with a covered walkway at front entrance. Sign at front of building reads: AUG. THUESEN. BLACKSMITH & HORSE SHOEING. The photo is mounted on a gray cardboard substrate. Photo is peeling from cardboard around edges. Photo is cracked in right center. Cardboard is pealing and has broken area at top.
Date: 1914

[Augusta Moers (left) and Darlene Moers (right).]

Description: Photograph of Augusta Moers (left) and Darlene Moers (right). Augusta is wearing a light colored dress with white insets at waist. She has a hat near her feet. Augusta has her left arm draped over Darlene (child). Darlene is wearing a light colored knee length skirt with blouse. Darlene has her hand over Augusta's hand that is draped over her shoulder. Trees in background.
Date: unknown

[An automobile titled "A '490'"]

Description: Photograph of an automobile titled "A '490'" . A man (wearing slacks, light shirt, dark vest, and hat) and a baby (wearing a white long-sleeved gown) holding on to the steering wheel are seated in the front seat of the car. A young man (wearing white) is seated in the back seat of the car. Street in background. Top of tree can be seen over the top of the automobile.
Date: 1920

[Automobiles attempting to cross flooded road]

Description: Photograph of automobiles attempting to cross flooded road during the 1932 flood in Fort Bend County. Far right of photo is a man standing on the running board of automobile. He has his left hand on car. He is wearing light colored pants, shirt, and hat, and he is facing the camera. Photo has black design bordering print. There is a torn area at bottom left (missing piece). Typed on back of photo: 1932 flood. Back of photo stamped in purple: Guaranteed For Live This is a Genuine Border Fox Tone Picture Made by Fox Company, San Antonio, Texas ??.
Date: 1932

[Automobiles on the Richmond Ferry across the Brazos River]

Description: Photographic copy of the "FERRY, RICHMOND, 1922" as type-written across the top of the photograph. The Richmond Ferry crosses the Brazos River at Richmond, Texas. Four automobiles can be seen parked on the ferry. Man on left of ferry is sitting on the rail. One woman is seated in front car and a man is leaning inside of the car window. Another man is standing near post on far right of ferry. Railroad bridge in background. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1922

["Avenue G Rosenberg, Texas"]

Description: Photograph (copy) of "Avenue G Rosenberg, Texas" as written on the bottom of photograph in white. This photograph was taken on the corner of Third Street looking east. Circa: 1920's. There is a large crowd of people gathered at a business on the corner (far right of photo). Two men are in the center of Avenue G, walking toward the busy business on the right. Automobiles are parked on either side of the street, and one automobile can be seen in the distance at end of street. Tree on far left of photograph. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: unknown

[T.B. Wessendorff, Jennie Jones Wessendorff, Lizzie Wessendorff, etc.]

Description: Photograph of T.B. Wessendorff, Jennie Jones Wessendorff, Lizzie Wessendorff (baby), Walter Jones (boy) posed at left with Jersey cow; Two unidentified African American men are holding the leads of two dark horses at center and right of photograph. Subjects are standing in a fenced yard with house visible at left and barns or sheds visible in the background and on the right. Image is mounted on a tan cardboard matte. Image and matte are severely damaged. Horizontal break through center of image was repaired with masking tape before museum acquisition. Vertical crack extends from bottom edge up to horizontal crack between Walter Jones and the African American man at center. Water marks around all four edges of the matte. Pieces of matte missing at bottom corners and along left edge. Identification on reverse of picture in blue and black pen.
Date: 1895

[T.B. Wessendorff labeled "Uncle Tom".]

Description: Photograph of T.B. Wessendorff labeled "Uncle Tom" on back of photograph in blue ink. Wessendorff is wearing school military jacket and hat. Photograph is mounted on cardboard substrate with a circular design etched around the edge. Bottom of photo reads: S.B. Hill, Austin, Texas.
Date: unknown
Creator: Hill, S. B.

[T.B. Wessendorff Lumber Company. People in front of the store.]

Description: Photographic print of T.B. Wessendorff Lumber Company and Undertakers Supplies, Richmond, TX., ca. 1895. Print is mounted on tan cardboard matte. Store is a one story wood frame building with porch across front. Wagon load of lumber with three African American men sitting on top is parked in front of the store to the left. Horse and buggy with 2 white children in buggy and African American boy standing with the horse is parked to the right of the building. Identification of people is written in black pen on the back of the photo as follows: "T.B. Wessendorff in white shirt by door; Baby in doorway probably Marguerite Wesendorff; Jennie Jones Wessendorff in front of window; Lizzie Wessendorff in white dress on right side of porch; Jennetta Wessendorff in phaeton (buggy)." Photograph and matte have four black ink spots. All four corners of matte are broken off as of 3/2000.
Date: 1895~

[T. B. Wessendorff Lumber Yard in Richmond, Texas]

Description: Photograph (copy) of T. B. Wessendorff Lumber Yard in Richmond, Texas during the flood of 1899. Three men are in a small wooden boat in center of water filled street. The lumber yard is on the right of photo. White picket fence with trees enclosed on left. Standpipe in left background. Photo has writing in white: T.B.W. Lumber Yard July 8, 1899 ? . Scanned image and dimensions are of the copy.
Date: July 8, 1899

[T.B. Wessendorff Residence, Richmond, Texas, 1901.]

Description: Photograph, T.B. Wessendorff Residence, Richmond, Texas, 1901. Ornate two story Victorian home with white picket fence enclosing yard. Wrap around porch on lower level, two smaller porches on upper level divided by a turret. Diamond pattern repeats in the roof tiles and in leaded windows in the upstairs turret and downstairs bay window. Image is mounted onto a tan cardboard matte. Bottom half of matte is in poor condition. Entire bottom edge is missing, plus bottom corners are broken off. Image is intact. Image dimensions: 19.3 cm x 11.9 cm See 1972.093.169 for another copy of this photo.
Date: 1901