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[Lizzie Wessendorff as a teenager, ca. 1912.]

Description: Formal photographic portrait of Lizzie Wessendorff as a teenager, ca. 1912. Wessendorff has her hair pulled back loosely into a bun on the crown of her head. She is looking to the left and has a very serious expression. Wessendorff is wearing a white dress with a gathered neckline and fabric flowers at her right shoulder. Photograph is mounted in a gray folder. Front of folder has a 1 mm dark gray stripe locate 1.8 cm from the edge. Folder has embossed image of a girl holding lilies and her left hand, a ewer in her right hand. Image dimensions: 10.1 cm x 15.3 cm
Date: 1912

[Lizzie Wessendorff as a young girl, c. 1910.]

Description: Formal photographic portrait of Lizzie Wessendorff, ca. 1910. Wessendorff is seated on a carved wooden chair, wearing a white cotton dress with lace overlay. Her hair is pulled back with a large white bow accented with small flowers. Image mounted on pale gray matte. Matte is imprinted "Blackburn Studio, Houston, Tex."
Date: 1910
Creator: Blackburn

[A locomotive in Booth, Texas in 1911.]

Description: Photograph (copy) of a locomotive in Booth, Texas in 1911. The locomotive has the number 3009 on the front. A man identified as Wiley Jones is standing on the left side of the locomotive. A Texas flag is flying to his left. A group of men can be seen in the background, right, in front of a wooden building. Trees in left background. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1911

[Lone Star Market]

Description: Photograph of the Lone Star Market which was located on Third Street behind the Barker house Richmond, Texas. The man on far left is identified as Harris Mitchell. Man on far right identified as Bryan. The Lone Star Market has its sign above the porch roof "Lone (star is an painted star) Market Bryan a Daniels. Four men are standing in front of the porch. A dark-colored horse is tied to the post near Bryan. Mitchell (far left) is wearing a dark colored suit with white shirt and thin dark tie. He is wearing a flat top hat. Young man standing next to Mitchell is wearing a long apron over light shirt, dark pants, and boots. Third man from left is wearing light colored shirt, dark pants, and the last man (far right, Bryan) is wearing a white shirt, light-colored pants and large felt cowboy hat. Photograph is mounted on a cardboard substrate which is very worn at edges and is broken in corners (pieces missing). Writing on back in blue ink: "This picture was taken here in Richmond about 1910."
Date: 1910

[A.M. Holmes (as identified on back in blue ink).]

Description: Photograph of A.M. Holmes (as identified on back in blue ink). Holmes is wearing a suit that is buttoned to the top. He has a dark tie with white stripes. Holmes has a long mustache that ends in defined point. Image is peeling or distorted across the middle of his face. Photograph is mounted on tan cardboard substrate that has scalloped edging with gold trim. Below a gold design at bottom is photographer name: C.O. Lorenz, Richmond, Texas.
Date: 1910
Creator: Lorenz, C.O.

[Man and women posing with a giant fish]

Description: Postcard issued by Bank of the Southwest using images from F.J. Schlueter Collection. Image is of man and women in bathing suits posing with a giant fish. Text on the back of the postcard reads, "Early Houstonians recall that Houston was a fisherman's paradise. The fishing's good today, too, but bathing costumes have improved considerably in most people's opinion. Houston Streets were never the same again. Photograph from the Bank of the Southwest--F.J. Schlueter Collection." Image is from ca. 1910, but postcard is from ca. 1970.
Date: 1910

[Man reclining in a wooden chair]

Description: Photograph of man reclining in a wooden chair in an sparsely furnished office. Man is identified on the back of the photo in blue pen as "Grandpa James S. Alley, Rosenberg, Texas, Real Estate Office in Rosenberg about 1906-1912 on 3rd St." Calendar on wall dates to 1911. Alley is leaning back on the back legs of a wooden chair, reading the newspaper. There are three more chairs in the room, one in front of him and two behind him. Wall of office is made of horizontal wainscoting, white at the top, black at bottom 1.5 ft. Image is mounted on a black cardboard matte. Matt is broken away along the top and right edges of the image. Image dimensions: 17.4 cm x 12.0 cm
Date: 1911

[Members of either the Rosenberg Baptist Church or the Rosenberg School.]

Description: Photograph of either members of the Rosenberg Baptist Church or Rosenberg School. Forty-five people are in front of a wooden building. Open window to the far left of photograph. Names written on the back in pencil. List recorded in supplementary data. The members are identified as back row: ? Rawson, Willy Tubola, Charley Rawson, Jessie Ward, Ray Windor, Carl M. Caughin, Willie Wooster, Joe Howe. Second row (from back): Selma Myer, Alma O'shields, Bernice Glenn, Emma Haman, Miss Inez Wurtsbaugh, Mr. Peterson, Grace Mae, Norma Meyer, Mary Hand, Louise Meyer. Middle row: Bula O'shield, Ruth Freeman, Nita Ray, Nell Clayton, Eugenia Ridley, Mamie Moody, Chart Hopkins, Rosarelia Tinsley, Annie Willis, Elizabeth Ridley, Martha Ried, Verla Hansthew, Nettie Lowry. Second row (from front) Wilfred Coats, Harold Goar, Lena Moclough, Mary Kruse, Irene Elbuson/ E. Cluson ?, Dollie Webber, Hill Glasscrik. Front row: Ambros Potter, Chester Lokry, Russel Finely, Claudie Marshall, Austin Grory, Wilford Crats? Luddie Board.
Date: 1912~

[Metal musical disc]

Description: Circular in shape with 100 punched out circles all around the outside edge. It has one circle in the middle. There are small rectangular punched out holes in the main part of the disc. The part that is punched out is still attached by one side and is curved under to form a little bump.
Date: 1910

[Mrs. Swinford, Lizzie Wessendorff, etc.]

Description: Photograph of (as identified on back in ink) Mrs. Swinford, Lizzie Wessendorff, Jennetta Wessendorff, Archietta Davis Jones, Jennie Jones Wessendorff, Marguerite Wessendorff, Doris Wessendorff, Marie Wessendorff. Three little girls are sitting on a long wooden bench in front of five (standing) women. There is a see-saw behind the women to the right of photo. White picket fence on left. House in background on right. The photo is torn on top right corner and the top left is folded. Center is creased.
Date: 1910

[Obituary of A.D. McNabb Sr.]

Description: Photograph of the newspaper clipping (and photo) of the obituary of A.D. McNabb, Sr. Clipping titled "Death of A.D. McNabb, Sr.". Photo (by Deane. 306 Preston Street, Houston, Texas.) Photograph is of the profile of a man with thinning, dark hair and a mustache. He is wearing a dark colored suit that is buttoned at top. He has a pin or decorative button at collar of white shirt.
Date: 1911

[Parade in downtown Third Street in Rosenberg]

Description: Photograph (copy) of a parade in downtown Third Street in Rosenberg, Circa 1913. Man holding a drum in the center of street - drum has "Texas Cowb? Band" written on the side. Sign held in parade reads: VOTE FOR US. Business of Winston Company to left of photo. Person on a bicycle on right side of the street. Scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1913~

[Photograph of an automobile (1910 Marion Bobcat)]

Description: Photograph (copy) of an automobile (1910 Marion Bobcat) in front of the J. T. Dyer Store located in Richmond. The people around/in the automobile are identified as left to right: Bill Jones; Cap Rich; Charles Crawford; Dr. Charles Costello, DVM; Walter Jones; T.W. "Bud" Davis; Earnest Farmer; A. P. George; Martha Virginia (Hinson) Ansel; ? Hinson or Joe Jones. One man is seated in the automobile, the others are standing near or around it. A little girl is standing on the hood of the car (far right of photo). The scanned image is of the copy.
Date: 1910