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[Adult Choir]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church Adult Choir. Back row - left to right: A.E. Catanach, not know, not known, Peg Catanach, Curtis Lacy, not known, Ralph Breelove, not known, not known, McIntosh, Austine Mills. Front row - left to right: Mathilda Steed, not known, Mildred Allgood, Gladys Lacy, Lolly Prafka, Alma Rigsby, Allene Breedlove, not known, Peggy McIntosh, Willie Mae West.
Date: 1950
Creator: Pridgen's Studio

[Camp Wildurr]

Description: Photograph of Camp Wildurr and it's young campers. Front row center are (with long pants and dark shirt) Mark Cater and (with white socks and legs crossed) Al Reese. They and two others were high school counselors and officers in the district youth group of the Disciples of Christ Christian Church.
Date: 1965~/1966~

[Chuck Wagon Youth Dinner]

Description: Photograph of the Chuck Wagon Youth Dinner at the First Christian Church. A large number of men, women, teenagers, and children are spread out on a yard in a residential area. Some people are standing but most are sitting on the grass.
Date: October 25, 1953

[First Christian Church Communion Table]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church communion table, which is carved with an inset of the Last Supper. The table was given in memory of the Charter Members of the Church, by the Loyal Women's Bible Class for the new sanctuary. The women had earned $1000 making all kinds of needlework, mostly quilting, for eight years to provide this gift to the congregation.
Date: 1956

[First Christian Church Congregation]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church congregation. The pews are full of people, there is not a single empty seat. The church choir is sitting in the two front pews alongside Reverend John M. Hughes, who is sitting on the inner side of the pew section on the right. Next to the minister is Jane Catanach and her son, Jimmy, and Arthur Catanach.
Date: 1952
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[First Christian Church Groundbreaking Ceremony]

Description: Photograph of the groundbreaking ceremony for the First Christian Church. Members of the Children's Division, under the supervision of Mrs. Shirley Trahan, Superintendent, (in photo helping child at podium) brought small bricks to the platform, symbolizing the part the children played in the growth of the church. John M. Hughes, Minister, is standing behind the podium.
Date: October 9, 1955
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[First Christian Church Groundbreaking Ceremony 1955]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church groundbreaking ceremony. Seven persons, using gilded spades, are turning the soil in front of the platform, which stood on the site of the proposed chancel. Participating - left to right: Patsy Smith, representing the Children's Division of the church school; Mrs. John H. McDonald and C.E. Perry, two charter members of the fifty-three year old congregation; John M. Hughes, Minister; E.M. Reeder, Chairman of the Board; W. Glynn Lowther, Chairman of the Building Committee; and Bobby Morgan, representing the youth.
Date: October 9, 1955
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[Granny Pearce's 90th Birthday Party]

Description: Photograph of Granny Pearce's 90th birthday party at the First Christian Church. Granny is sitting at the end of the table in front of her cake. The lady sitting on the left side at the front of the table is Mrs. C.E. Lauer. Also in the photograph is Mrs. Sadie Davis, Mrs. Youngblood, Mrs. Florence McDonald, Mrs. Mildred Smith, Kate Pearson, and Mrs. Powell (seating arrangement is unknown).
Date: February 2, 1959
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[Inside the First Christian Church]

Description: Photograph of the inside of the First Christian Church. Note the rose window above the draped baptistery given in memory of John Chapman by his wife, Thelma Chapman. Communion table given in memory of Charter members by the Loyal Women's Sunday School Class. Wicks pipe organ (behind lectern on left side) given in memory of S.O. Latimer by Mrs. S.O. Latimer. The pulpit lectern (on right) given by Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hughes and their son, John Marcus. Altar-ware given in memory of E.N. George by Mrs. S.I. Bishop.
Date: November 1956
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography