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[Audience of the 75th Anniversary Presentation by Sutherlin and Reeder]
Photograph of the audience of the 75th Anniversary presentation by Yvonne Sutherlin and Hugh Reeder. The picture was taken from the back of the room, facing the stage, where a skit is being performed.
[Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Church]
Photograph of the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the First Christian Church. Yvonne Sutherlin and Hugh Reeder, "Old Timers" discuss the "old times" on stage in a theatrical skit.
[First Christian Church After a Snowstorm]
Photograph of the First Christian Church after a snowstorm that took place on January 11, 1973. Three and a half inches of snow covers the church and the church bus parked on the left hand side of the church.
[First Christian Church Greeters for Sunday Morning Service]
Photograph of greeters for the Sunday Morning Worship Service at First Christian Church. They are shown here in the narthex of the church at 620 Woodworth Blvd. Front row, left to right: Robert A. Bowers, Johnny Edgerton, and Leatrice Huber. Back row, left to right: Glynn Lowther, Len Caillouet, and Fred Day.
[Members of the First Christian Church]
Photograph of the members of the First Christian Church. Left to right: Julia Jones, Glenn Lowther, Mark Hockett, Dr. D. Ray Lindley (Interim Minister), and Olive Fern Arisco. Event not known.
[Mother's Day at First Christian Church]
Photograph of three women on Mother's Day at the First Christian Church. Joan Edwards presented flowers to the oldest and youngest mothers. Left to right are Joan Edwards, Mrs. G.W. Cline (the oldest mother present), and Vicki Cropper (the youngest mother present).