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[The Christian Tabernacle]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church charter members in front of the building known as the "Christian Tabernacle". The Reverend H.M. Polsgrove is sixth from the left on front row. He served the First Christian Church in Port Arthur, 1908-1911. This building was constructed in 1905 at 700 Fifth Street. It was removed in 1912 to make room for the new brick structure which was completed in 1915. Other ministers who served in the Tabernacle were Reverend Tolbert Weaver, and Reverend C.F. Pearce.
Date: 1904
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[First Christian Church 27th Anniversary Celebration]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church 27th Anniversary celebration. The church officials in the photo are, back row - left to right: E.C. Blackburn, John Stanley, Reverend Anglemyer, A. Roy, and H.T. Whitson. Front row - left to right: Mrs. Whitson, Mrs. Stanley, Mrs. Anglemyer, and Pauline Renwick. The cake they are standing behind was molded to look like church structure and weighed 150 pounds.
Date: 1942

[Christian Men's Fellowship Litter Control Committee]

Description: Photograph of the members of the Christian Men's Fellowship Litter Control Committee. The committee was responsible for picking up the trash in the neighborhood of the church, along Ninth Avenue, from 60th Street southward to Alligator Bayou. Standing, left to right: Ward Beckcom, Abe Snider, Jim Sutherlin, Kenneth Parker, L.G. Douglas, Clarence Richards, Frank Nixon, and Sidney Baker. Kneeling in front, left to right are Ralph Harrington and John Widenhoff.
Date: 1987

[Presentation to Glynn Lowther]

Description: Photograph of the presentation to Glynn Lowther, Building Committee Chairman for the First Christian Church. Left to right: C.E. Perry, Charter Member; Elbert M. Reeder, elder and Chairman of the Board during construction of the sanctuary; Glynn Lowther; the Reverent John H. Hughes, Minister; and Mrs. John McDonald, Charter Member.
Date: October 8, 1955
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[First Christian Church Youth Choir]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church Youth Choir. Back row - left to right: Dexter McCoy, Wayne Phillips, Mark Youngblood, Elizabeth Donan, Shirley Douglas, Rosealie Pentecost, Pat Hilton, Alyce Jane Speck, Homer Claude Holmes, Murphy Vaught, Billy Reeder, Robert Gartman, Isaac Bertrand. Front row - left to right: Austine Mills (pianist), Betty West, Willie Mae West, Donya Lu Eidom, Cathryne Anglemyer, Ann Montgomery, Betty Garrett, Kathryn Quinn, Nancy Prafka, Geraldine Bertrand, Catherine Ann Vaught, Marian Dooley. Standing in front - left to right: A.E. Catanach, Director, Mrs. C.H. McIntosh (nee Peggy Catanach) soprano soloist.
Date: December 1946

[First Christian Church Groundbreaking Ceremony]

Description: Photograph of the groundbreaking ceremony for the First Christian Church. Members of the Children's Division, under the supervision of Mrs. Shirley Trahan, Superintendent, (in photo helping child at podium) brought small bricks to the platform, symbolizing the part the children played in the growth of the church. John M. Hughes, Minister, is standing behind the podium.
Date: October 9, 1955
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[Youth Choir]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church Youth Choir. Back row - left to right: Rosalie Pentecost, Pat Hilton, Robert Gartman, Billy Reeder, George Nelson, Murphy Vaught, Gary Branson, Isaac Bertrand, John Howard, Homer Claude Holmes, Hugh Reeder, Mark Youngblood, Wayne Phillips, Harvey Taylor. Middle row - left to right: Marian Dooley, Alyce Jane Speck, Ann Montgomery, Catherine Vaught, Betty West, Sarah Lacy, Cathryn Anglemeyer, Jerry Bertrand, Elizabeth Ann Donan, Betty Garrett, Nancy Prafka, Willie Mae West, Katherine Howard, not known, Joan Pinder. Front row - left to right: standing in front of choir in black dress is Peggy McIntosh, choir members sitting in front with white clothes, left to right: Joan Bertrand, Jane Jolley, not known, Ollie Bet Collins, Phyllis Foote, Norma Swearingen, Anita Ruth Brown, Phillip Foote, Bobby Shiflet. Standing in front of choir: A.E. Catanach, Choir Director, and pianist Austine Mills.
Date: 1948

[First Christian Church Groundbreaking Ceremony 1955]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church groundbreaking ceremony. Seven persons, using gilded spades, are turning the soil in front of the platform, which stood on the site of the proposed chancel. Participating - left to right: Patsy Smith, representing the Children's Division of the church school; Mrs. John H. McDonald and C.E. Perry, two charter members of the fifty-three year old congregation; John M. Hughes, Minister; E.M. Reeder, Chairman of the Board; W. Glynn Lowther, Chairman of the Building Committee; and Bobby Morgan, representing the youth.
Date: October 9, 1955
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography