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[Camp Wildurr Summer Camp]

Description: Photograph of the young people of the Camp Wildurr summer camp. The camp was on Village Creek in Hardin County near Silsbee. It was the Encampment of the Eastern Cluster of Christian Churches, known as District 13. The campers are posing in four rows.
Date: unknown
Creator: Darrell Baker Photographer

[Christmas Caroling Party 1953]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church Christmas Caroling Party in 1953. Many carolers are standing in front of two parked buses singing. Janis Joplin, who became a noted rock star in the music world in the late 1960's, is standing on the steps of the bus in a white sweatshirt.
Date: 1953
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[Chuck Wagon Youth Dinner]

Description: Photograph of the Chuck Wagon Youth Dinner at the First Christian Church. A large number of men, women, teenagers, and children are spread out on a yard in a residential area. Some people are standing but most are sitting on the grass.
Date: October 25, 1953

[Granny Pearce's 90th Birthday Party]

Description: Photograph of Granny Pearce's 90th birthday party at the First Christian Church. Granny is sitting at the end of the table in front of her cake. The lady sitting on the left side at the front of the table is Mrs. C.E. Lauer. Also in the photograph is Mrs. Sadie Davis, Mrs. Youngblood, Mrs. Florence McDonald, Mrs. Mildred Smith, Kate Pearson, and Mrs. Powell (seating arrangement is unknown).
Date: February 2, 1959
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[Inside the First Christian Church]

Description: Photograph of the inside of the First Christian Church. Note the rose window above the draped baptistery given in memory of John Chapman by his wife, Thelma Chapman. Communion table given in memory of Charter members by the Loyal Women's Sunday School Class. Wicks pipe organ (behind lectern on left side) given in memory of S.O. Latimer by Mrs. S.O. Latimer. The pulpit lectern (on right) given by Mr. and Mrs. John M. Hughes and their son, John Marcus. Altar-ware given in memory of E.N. George by Mrs. S.I. Bishop.
Date: November 1956
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[Loyal Women's Sunday School Class Luncheon]

Description: Photograph of the Loyal Women's Sunday School Class luncheon. Minister John Hughes is standing at the back of the room behind the head table. Left side of left table, beginning at the closest end: Mrs. J.C. Safley, Mrs. J.H. (Zola) McDonald, not known, Mrs. Scott, Mrs. J.D. (Olga) Eidom, Mrs. A. J. (Alta) Barton. Right side of left table, beginning at closest end: not known, Mrs. John (Thelma) Chapman, Mrs. Bert (Minnie) Loy; not known, Mrs. Alta Chapman, Mrs. Marie Harmon. Left side of right table, beginning at closest end: Rena Cloutman, Clara Hine, not known, not known, Mrs. Henry (Bertie) Davis, Mrs. Terry Prince. Right side of right table: Cora Bell Draughon, Ethel Akkerman, Mary Harbert, Mary Dillinger, Virginia Little, Ida Jean Perry, Oza Pray. Head Table left to right: Sadie Davis, Mrs. C.E. (Bessie) Lauer, Elizabeth Powell, Kate Pearson, Mildred Smith, Mrs. Ellerbee, Mrs. O.P. Pearce. Standing: Minnie Youngblood, Lottie Millikin, Florence McDonald, Alta Newton, and Minister John Hughes.
Date: unknown
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[Members of the Loyal Women's Sunday School Class]

Description: Photograph of the members of the Loyal Women's Sunday School Class taken in the newly completed sanctuary. First row - left to right: Mrs. J.E. Davis (Sadie), Mrs. O.A. Youngblood (Minnie), Mrs. O.P. Pearce, Mrs. John H. McDonald, and Mrs. R.H. Draughon. Second row - left to right: Mrs. Frank Hines (Clara), Mrs. Bertie Ingalls, Mrs. Leon Little (Virginia), Mrs. W.C. Neel (Ida), Mrs. Jim Dillinger (Mary), Mrs. G.T. Wallace (Stella), Mrs. C.E. Lauer, Mrs. C.W. Warren (Rose), Mrs. C.E. Perry (Ida), Mrs. J.A House, Mrs. Mary Harmon, Mrs. Ethel Akkerman, Mrs. Dewey Prince (Terrie), Mrs. N.E. Pray, Mrs. J.R. Swan (Rate), Mrs. I.N. Noble (Maude), Mrs. J.D. Eidom (Olga), Mrs. G.E. Gartman (Alice), Mrs. H.W. Davis (Bertie), Mrs. Florence McDonald. Third row - left to right: Mrs. Kate Pearson, Mrs. Hazel Dorman, Mrs. Alta Newton, Mrs. Beulah Christopher, Mrs. Mamie Peck. Fourth row - left to right: Mrs. Burt Loy, Mrs. John Chapman (Thelma), Mrs. N.C. Cloutman (Rena), Mrs. Gladys Holmes, Mrs. Nora LaRose, Mrs. S.I. Bishop, Mrs. C.H. Powell (Elizabeth), and Mrs. Ozello Doiron.
Date: November 25, 1956
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[Men, Women, and Children on the Steps of the First Christian Church in Port Arthur, Texas]

Description: Photograph of men, women, and children standing and sitting on the steps and balcony of the First Christian Church in Port Arthur, Texas. Standing above steps, left to right: Charles W. Horan, Henry W. Davis, John H. Stanley, Homer T. Whitson, Ezra Cheek, J.B. Talley, John H. McDonald, James S. Dillinger; back row, on steps, left to right are Mr. Boyington, Mrs. Charles E. Perry, Reverend Chas. D. Poston, Mrs. C. D. Poston, S. E. Gartman holding his son, Robert Ellis Gartman, and W. F. Sylvester; Second row from back, left to right: Mrs. W. H. Steed (Matilda), Mrs. O. P. Pearce, Rudolph W. Wendling, Mrs. J. S. Dillinger (Mary), Mrs. J. B. Talley, C. E. Perry, Mrs. Gay; left - man standing alone, not known; Mrs. E. E. Martin, Mary Lou Swan, Mrs. J.B. McKinney, Cappie McDonald; seated on steps: Mrs. J. R. Jolley, Mrs. Benson, Mrs. Boyington, Mrs. Ezra Creek, Mrs. J. H. Stanley, two Gay children - names not known, Grace Foot (standing). Left: Mrs. R. W. Wendling, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. J. H. McDonald, Mrs. E. E. Johnson, Mrs. Sitton, Phyllis McDonald, Jim Steed - young girl, Jane Stanley, Jewel Dillinger; right - standing: Mrs. Wm. J. Pitts (Helen), Mrs. Burt Loy, Mrs. E. E. Gartman, Mary Peck, Mrs. Henry Davis, Calvert Welch, Miller Jolley; children - seated right: Dorothy Dillinger, Patsy Stanley: children - standing right: Naomi Stanley, Meryle Dillinger; Children - seated on steps - left to right: Rembert Jolley, Warren Cheek, Ola Mae Benson, Ethel Gartman (up), Grace Gartman (down), Herbert Davis, Mathilda Steed (up), Donnie Gartman (up). Hubert Davis, Avalon Weller (up); Omar Benson (up), Rudolph Johnson (up), Donnie Gartman (up), Edith Gartman, Bennie Davis, unknown boy, Margaret Horan, Virginia Cheek."
Date: September 1930

[New Edition to the Timothy Wall at the First Christian Church]

Description: Photograph of Edward Anderson, the new Timothy at First Christian Church, honored by having his photo hung on the Timothy Wall in the narthex of the sanctuary. In photo, left to right: John M. Hughes, Minister; Mary Jane Anderson, Eddie's wife; Glynn Lowther, Deacon; Edward Anderson receiving a congratulatory handshake from Charles Poston, Chairman of the Official Board; Miss Verna Evelyn Johnson, Minister of Education; and E.M. Reeder, Church elder.
Date: August 31, 1958
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[First Christian Church Chuck Wagon Supper]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church Chuck Wagon Supper on grounds of the historic home, Rose Hill, adjacent to the Sabine-Neches Waterway and at foot of Woodworth Blvd. at Lakeshore Drive. A large number of people are congregating around several picnic tables and chairs.
Date: August 30, 1957
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[First Christian Church Communion Table]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church communion table, which is carved with an inset of the Last Supper. The table was given in memory of the Charter Members of the Church, by the Loyal Women's Bible Class for the new sanctuary. The women had earned $1000 making all kinds of needlework, mostly quilting, for eight years to provide this gift to the congregation.
Date: 1956

[First Christian Church Service of Dedication]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church service of Dedication of the new sanctuary led by Dr. Newton J. Robison (pastor of First Christian Church of Amarillo, a brother to Miss Gladyne Robison, Principal of Travis School, and a member of our congregation) spoke at the morning service. Dr. Elmer Henson, Dean of Brite University, Fort Worth was the chief speaker for the afternoon Dedication service.
Date: November 25, 1956
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[First Christian Church Summer Youth Meeting]

Description: Photograph of a First Christian Church Summer Youth Program meeting. Young man standing at left of photo not known. Front row - left to right: Phillip Foote, Norma Moss, Sylvia Swearingen, Sandra Brazil, Linda Douglas. Second row - left to right: Judy Dawson, Mary Evelyn Murphy, (girl sitting behind Sandra not identified), Darrell Evans, Ila Mae Prafka. Thirda row - left to right: Delmer Fussell, Bobby Morgan, Alline Dawson, Betty Murphy, (person sitting directly behind Ila Mae Prafka not identified).
Date: 1956
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography