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[New Edition to the Timothy Wall at the First Christian Church]

Description: Photograph of Edward Anderson, the new Timothy at First Christian Church, honored by having his photo hung on the Timothy Wall in the narthex of the sanctuary. In photo, left to right: John M. Hughes, Minister; Mary Jane Anderson, Eddie's wife; Glynn Lowther, Deacon; Edward Anderson receiving a congratulatory handshake from Charles Poston, Chairman of the Official Board; Miss Verna Evelyn Johnson, Minister of Education; and E.M. Reeder, Church elder.
Date: August 31, 1958
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[Presentation of Plaque of Appreciation to Glynn Lowther]

Description: Photograph of presentation of plaque of appreciation to Glynn Lowther for his work as Chairman of Building Construction. In photo, left to right: A.E. Catanach, Choir Director; Homer D. Snider, Building Committee member; Martin Dooley, Building Committee member; Glenn Lowther; and Elbert M. Reeder, Immedate past Board Chairman.
Date: November 25, 1956
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[Presentation to Glynn Lowther]

Description: Photograph of the presentation to Glynn Lowther, Building Committee Chairman for the First Christian Church. Left to right: C.E. Perry, Charter Member; Elbert M. Reeder, elder and Chairman of the Board during construction of the sanctuary; Glynn Lowther; the Reverent John H. Hughes, Minister; and Mrs. John McDonald, Charter Member.
Date: October 8, 1955
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[World Youth Conference]

Description: Photograph of the World Youth Conference. Five buses are parked in a row with all the members of the conference standing in front of the buses, waving at the photographer. The conference was held at Methodist Temple on Fifth Street because the First Christian Church did not have a large enough place to have the meeting.
Date: February 11, 1955
Creator: J.C. Watkins Photography

[Youth Choir]

Description: Photograph of the First Christian Church Youth Choir. Back row - left to right: Rosalie Pentecost, Pat Hilton, Robert Gartman, Billy Reeder, George Nelson, Murphy Vaught, Gary Branson, Isaac Bertrand, John Howard, Homer Claude Holmes, Hugh Reeder, Mark Youngblood, Wayne Phillips, Harvey Taylor. Middle row - left to right: Marian Dooley, Alyce Jane Speck, Ann Montgomery, Catherine Vaught, Betty West, Sarah Lacy, Cathryn Anglemeyer, Jerry Bertrand, Elizabeth Ann Donan, Betty Garrett, Nancy Prafka, Willie Mae West, Katherine Howard, not known, Joan Pinder. Front row - left to right: standing in front of choir in black dress is Peggy McIntosh, choir members sitting in front with white clothes, left to right: Joan Bertrand, Jane Jolley, not known, Ollie Bet Collins, Phyllis Foote, Norma Swearingen, Anita Ruth Brown, Phillip Foote, Bobby Shiflet. Standing in front of choir: A.E. Catanach, Choir Director, and pianist Austine Mills.
Date: 1948

[Youth Round Up Parade]

Description: Photograph of the Youth Round Up Parade in Port Arthur, Texas. The parade is being led by a car pulling a wagon, three cars are following the first car. The parade is being led down a busy streets with a lot of stores and eateries.
Date: June 26, 1954
Creator: Beryl Crist Photography