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[Adobe Building with a Collapsed Roof]

Description: Photograph of a single-story adobe structure with a roof that has completely collapsed in the middle. The walls below the collapsed roof are mostly gone. There appear to be no windows on the remaining walls. The ground around the building is flat and sparsely vegetated.The back of the photograph notes that "this is what winds and time did to the last structure built on the post, in 1885. Picture taken by the author in 1961."
Date: 1961

[Barry Scobee and Franklin Smith Pose]

Description: Photograph of Barry Scobee (left), Fort Superintendent Franklin Smith (center), and a third, unidentified man (right) posing in a wide and flat landscape before a large rock formation. All three of the men are wearing suits and ties. Several single-story buildings with large porches occupy the ground beneath the rock formation.
Date: unknown

[C. H. Bird's Apple Orchard in Bloom]

Description: Photograph of C. H. Bird's apple orchard in full bloom. The trees are arranged in straight rows with a generous amount of space between each individual tree. The ground beneath the trees is largely bare. A densely vegetated hill rises up in the background on the left side.
Date: unknown
Creator: Duncan Photo

[Cowboy and Child on Horses]

Description: Photograph of a cowboy and a child, both on horses and wearing hats, looking at something to the left of the camera. The horses face the right side of the frame. The cowboy holds his horse's reins with his left hand and is resting his right on his thigh. The child is largely hidden behind the cowboy. A pointed hill looms in the distance.
Date: unknown

[Distant View of Fort]

Description: Photograph of Fort Davis taken from a high vantage point. The back of the photograph reads. "D. Noble probably took this view---Mrs. Janes had a lot of his negatives, and she gave them to me. I found it in an envelope with long letter re Masonic Lodge bldgs. Mailed to me in 1960 from Mrs. Lois Thompson Brown. Sco. 9-1-71. Apparently this pic really goes back in the years. " A line that has been crossed out reads "the long white building was probably the Caruthers' home."
Date: unknown
Creator: Noble. D.

[Fort Davis Historical Society on 30th Anniversary]

Description: Photograph of the members of the Fort Davis Historical Society 30 years after its founding. The back of the photograph identifies the subjects from left to right as Preston Johnson, Teda Neill Johnson, Malcolm "Bish" Tweedy, Lucy "Daughter" Miller, Dale Crawford, Flora Merrill, and J. W. Crawford. The back of the photograph also notes that these individuals were the Historical Society's officers when the photograph was taken.
Date: February 1983
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