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[76th Field Artillery Unit Portrait]

Description: Photograph of a large group of soldiers wearing military uniforms posing ins several lines on the stairs outside an unidentified building. Two men near the center of the front row are holding up a swallowtail flag that has crossed cannons in the center between "76" at the top and "A" at the bottom.
Date: 1939~/1945~

[Chronology of H. T. Gaby's Activities, 1944-1945]

Description: Handwritten, chronological list of the events of Harry Tillman Gaby from November 11, 1944 to January 31st, 1945. Harry and his brother were drafted into WWII and he began taking logs the day he received the news that he was going home. From November 11, 1944 to November 26, 1944 Harry spent time in France, Ireland, and the UK. After Harry returned to the United States he toured the country to rally support for the war with other soldiers. His last entry states, "Jan 31 - Went to Wash. Spent 2 … more
Date: unknown
Creator: Gaby, Harry T.

[Clarence Alexis Holding a Microphone]

Description: Photograph of S/Sgt. Clarence Alexis, viewed from his left side, standing in front of a piece of equipment during a visit to the Yoder Company plant, holding up a microphone. Alexis is wearing a military uniform and several other uniformed men are visible on the left side of the image, in front of several workers who appear to be watching the speech. A woman's face is partially visible on the right edge of the image.
Date: December 22, 1944

[Clipping: Eisenhower's "Envoys" Promised More Weapons]

Description: Newspaper clipping with a story titled "Eisenhower's 'Envoys' Promised More Weapons." President Eisenhower, General Eisenhower at the time of the publication, sent soldiers across the United States to bolster domestic support and production. The story discusses the need for ammunition on the front lines. Six soldiers went to Cincinnati to plead to workers and Cincinnati promised to raise production by 35 percent.
Date: 1944-11~
Creator: Fulbright, Freeman

[Dancers in Gymnasium]

Description: Photograph of a group of people dancing on the wooden floor of a gymnasium, including several men in military uniforms, taken from one side of the room. Musicians are visible on a raised stage area at right, including a grand piano and a guitar. On the opposite end of the room, other people are sitting in stadium seating and a large doorway is visible in a brick wall below a decorative design, to the left of the stage.
Date: 1944-12~

[Factory Workers Watching Speech]

Description: Photograph of factory workers and visiting soldiers at the Yoder Company plant during a speech by a uniformed soldier, visible from the neck down at the right side of the image, holding a microphone. Four uniformed soldiers are grouped nearby, tentatively identified as Leo Crivello (seated, at left, looking at his hands), Harry Gaby (center) and Louis Cocozza (right) who are standing, and a fourth man who is seated in front of them, facing away. Factory workers are standing behind them, looki… more
Date: December 22, 1944

Facts & Faces, January 1945

Description: Newsletter for the employees of The Yoder Company in Cleveland, Ohio, including news, events, and other updates of interest to workers. This issue includes a feature about a visit from soldiers sent by General Eisenhower to tour ammunition manufacturers. This copy was sent to Pfc. H. T. Gaby, who was part of the tour, in an envelope that has the company logo on the front and and illustration of soldiers jumping out of a truck on the back.
Date: January 1945
Creator: Yoder Company

"Firepower for Eisenhower": Visit of Eisenhower Gun Crew To Weirton Steel Company

Description: Photo album compiled by the Weirton Steel Company to document the visit by a crew of World War II soldiers and combat veterans who met with steel workers and toured the facilities in Weirton and Steubenville where the factories were producing ammunition. Each image is followed by a description, with identifications of the persons who are pictured.
Date: 1945~
Creator: Weirton Steel Company. Industrial Relations Department.
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