McCulloch County Library

Located just south of the exact point that marks the geographic center of the state, Brady is certainly the "True Heart of Texas”. McCulloch County Library, previously F.M. (Buck) Richards Memorial Library, has served McCulloch County’s families for many years. In 1948 Mrs. F.M. (Buck) Richards made a gift of funds and land to erect a public library in McCulloch County as a memorial to her husband. The building was constructed under the guidance of a board of trustees and then turned over to the City of Brady and McCulloch County. In 2019, the name was changed to McCulloch County Library.

The county is the governing body and provides funding for operations and maintenance. The library is supported through private donations, generous gifts from the G. R. White Trust, and grants such as the Tocker Foundation which has been supporting rural libraries in Texas since 1992. Through a Tocker Grant, the library has been able to digitize its community newspaper and make it available on The Portal to Texas History.


McCulloch County Library



1106 S. Blackburn Street
Brady, TX 76825

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