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[McKinney, Texas Fire Department Patch]

Description: Patch from the McKinney, Texas fire department. The shield-shaped patch has a brick red background and blue edging. "McKinney Fire Department" and "Texas" is written along the edges in white. A white and yellow Florian Cross in the center contains the images of a "fire scramble" in its center. "FD" is written in the left and right points.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of McKinney Fire Department]

Description: Photograph of several men standing on and around a McKinney Fire Department wagon drawn by a horse, in front of a building. The men are identified as Tom Floyd, Otie Saunders, Tom Cambliss, unidentified, Walter D. Howell, Lou B. Furr, Van O'Neal, Rodger Abernathy, Robert Goastree, Lennie McCawn, and Fred Burke.
Date: 1904~

[Photograph of McKinney Volunteer Fire Department]

Description: Photograph of three rows of men from the McKinney Fire Department, dressed in uniforms and caps, posing in front of a building. A small boy stands on the far left of the front row. The men in the back row, standing from left to right, are Erwin Fergeston, Charles Carrington, Corn Oats, John Hill, Will Abernathy, Bob Kitchen, Alfred Allen, Robert Ware, John McKinney, Bob Maneden, Wiley McKinney, Polk Oats, and Charles Phelps. Those in the second row are Jim Sims, Wade Carrington, Jim Moore, Robert Warsham, Kelly Warsham, Giles McKinney, Buster Gordon, Will Gerrish, Press Duncan, Charlie Knott, Ian Nebb, and Bailey. Those in the third row are Estes, Dick Estes, John Johnson, Henry Goernan, Major Taylor, Jim Warden, Fred Burnett, William M. Abernathy, W. P. Suttle, Arthur Anderson, and Sam Burke.
Date: [1900..1910]

[Plano, Texas Fire Department Patch]

Description: Patch from the Plano, Texas fire department. The triangular patch has a dark blue background with yellow edging. "Plano Fire Dept." is written in yellow along the top and bottom edges of the patch. A circle containing the image of a fire helmet, hatchet, ladder, nozzle, and pike appears in the center.
Date: unknown