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[Fort Bend County, Texas Emergency Medical Service Patch]

Description: Patch from the Fort Bend County, Texas emergency medical service. The rectangular patch has a silver background and blue edging. "Fort Bend County Emergency Medical Service" is written in blue along the top and bottom. The center contains a Star of Life with the Texas and United States flags crossed behind it, and a yellow banner containing "MICU" underneath.
Date: unknown

[Rosenberg, Texas Fire Department Patch]

Description: Patch from the Rosenberg, Texas fire department. The patch has a white background and grey and red edging. The top of the patch contains a row of red feathers above a blue semicircle embroidered with "Rosenberg." Below this is a group of six silver stars on a light blue background. A brown, white, and grey bird has its wings extended upward. The bird is sitting on top of a pile of fire. A grey banner containing "Member" and "Fire Dept." appears under the bird.
Date: unknown

[Sugar Land, Texas Fire Department Patch]

Description: Patch from the Sugar Land, Texas fire department. The circular patch has a red background, yellow edging, and contains a white cross. "Fire Dept." is written in white inside of the vertical points. The horizontal points contain illustrations of a fire hydrant, ladder, and hook. "Sugar Land Texas" is written in the center around two fire axes.
Date: unknown