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[Lake Nacogdoches Area, Texas Volunteer Fire Department Patch]

Description: Patch from the Lake Nacogdoches Area, Texas fire department. The shield-shaped patch has a white outer section with red edging. "Lake Nacogdoches Area Volunteer Fire Department Est. 1979" is written along this outside edge. The interior contains another shield shape that is split into three sections with yellow borders. The top left portion contains a cross, a "fire scramble," and the word "Fire." The top right contains a Star of Life and the word "EMS." The bottom section contains a simplified version of the blue, white, and red flag of Texas.
Date: unknown

[Nacogdoches, Texas Fire Department Patch]

Description: Patch from the Nacogdoches, Texas fire department. The Florian Cross shaped patch has a red background, black edging and borders, and yellow lettering. "Nacogdoches Texas Fire Dept." is written across the points of the cross. The center of this cross contains the image of a firehouse.
Date: unknown