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[F. M. Pruitt Sitting on a Motorcycle]

Description: Photograph of F. M. Pruitt sitting sideways on a motorcycle. He is wearing a dark suit, tie, and a newsboy-style hat. Two houses are visible behind him. A handwritten note on the back identifies the man, states that he is twenty years old in the photo, and that he was referred to as "Old Batch."
Date: 193X

[Girls' Basketball Team]

Description: Photograph of six members of a girl's basketball team lying on the ground in front of a basketball court. The girls are wearing sailor blouses,bandannas, and skirts. Willie Pruitt is holding the basketball near the center. The other girls are from left to right: Grace Lee, Opal Maples, Francis Mayes, Bertha Manuel, and Alene Furgeson.
Date: unknown

[Girl's Basketball Team and their Coach]

Description: Photograph of six members of a girl's basketball team and their coach. The girls are wearing sailor blouses, ribbon ties, and skirts. The coach, standing in the center of the photo, wears a gingham dress. The reverse side of the image identifies the people from left to right as: me (Willie M. Pruitt), Grace Lee, Opal Maples, Francis Mayes; Second row: Bertha Manuel, Miss Willie Hale, and Alene Furgeson. A church and a basketball goal can be seen in the background.
Date: unknown

[Luther Bunyon Pruitt Family]

Description: Photograph of the family of Luther Bunyon Pruitt standing together outside while arranged in three rows. Luther stands to the upper left, with his wife, Mary Elizabeth Anderson Pruitt, holding a baby to his right. Several children of various ages stand in the rows.
Date: unknown
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