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Reunion of Hospital Babies

Description: Portrait of a reunion of babies born at the Rengers Hospital. Mothers, children, and doctors are gathered in a garden. At the bottom right corner is written "Reunion Hospital Babies Accompanied by Mothers at Rengers Hospital July 8, 1929." According to accompanying information, the people in the photograph are (left to right) D. A. Paulas, Dr. Paul Renger, Dr. Kahn, and Dr. Boethel. Other people identified are Mrs. Emily Renger, Mrs. Kahn and Joe Max, Mrs. Robbie J. Timm and daughter Aileen, Mrs. Hilda (Boethel) Smajstrla and daughter Charlene, Mrs. George Bucek and son George Jr., Mrs. Ervin Bucek and son Charles, and Mrs. Julius Bucek and daughter Margaret Agnes.
Date: July 8, 1929