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J. H. Appelt Building

Description: Photograph of the J. H. Appelt Building in 1889. There are people standing around the building and a man in a cart pulled by two mules. This is a brick two-story building with lots of windows. According to accompanying information, this saloon was located at Third and LaGrange Streets in Hallettsville and was built in 1888-89, and there was a fire in 1890 which resulted in the left side of the building being torn down and rebuilt.
Date: 1889
Item Type: Photograph

[Portrait of the Pepper Family]

Description: Portrait of the Pepper Family, including L. S. (father), Johanna (mother), Mamie (born 1870), Abe (born 1867), Lena (born 1868), Henry (born 1872), Ike (born 1877), Lula (born 1882), and Rosalie (born 1879).
Date: [1885..1886]
Item Type: Photograph