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Hallettsville VFD Celebration Committee

Description: Portrait of the Hallettsville Volunteer Fire Department Celebration Committee. The members are sitting or standing around a table, and many of them have something to drink. According to the accompanying article, the seated members are (left to right) H. J. Braunig, John E. Buss, H. J. Heye, Richard Waltersdorf, and Charles Pillar, and the standing members are (left to right) Willie J. Miller, Richard J. Strauss, Otto von Rosenberg, and Mauritz Nau. Written in the center of the photograph is "June 27, 1910 Celebration Com." On the right side is written "Final Report." The article states that "President Pillar appointed committee to see if celebration could be had in June or July at the Park Verein," and that on June 24, 1910 "The firemen met and reported all preparations for the big celebration were perfected and letters were received that large delegations would be here from Yoakum, Shiner, Gonzales, El Campo, Nordheim, Yorktown, Eagle Lake, and other towns."
Date: June 27, 1910

Henry H. Russell House

Description: Photograph of the Henry H. Russell house on North Ridge in Hallettsville, Texas. The house is two stories and surrounded by trees. In the foreground, the property is bordered by a wooden fence behind a dirt road. There are handwritten notes on the back of the photograph regarding the house and family.
Date: unknown

Here Is One That Didn't Get Away

Description: Portrait of Reinhold Kluge and child with a large fish. The two are standing in front of an unidentified building with the fishing pole and fish. Written at the bottom is "HERE IS ONE THAT DIDN'T GET AWAY" and "REINHOLD KLUGE HALLETTSVILLE AT BAYSIDE, TEX."
Date: 1909/1945
Creator: Braunig, H. J.

Honey Creek School

Description: Portrait of eight male and female students standing in front of Honey Creek School. The students are posing outside in front of the door to the building. A sign above the door reads, "Honey Creek School Dist. 26 A." Behind the students is an American flag being held up.
Date: unknown

Hotel Eckels [later New Park Hotel]

Description: Photograph of the the street side view of Hotel Eckels. A horse drawn carriage with "Hotel Eckels" painted on the side is to the left of the building. A horse pulling a wagon with three men sitting in it is in the front of the building. The hotel is made of brick and is three stories tall.
Date: unknown
Creator: Saccar

Houston Hustlers in Hallettsville, Texas

Description: Photograph of the Houston Hustlers as they came through Hallettsville, Texas. According to an accompanying article, "Seven wagons chained together and drawn by eight yoke of oxen conveyed the Houston party from the depot to the barbecue grounds." The wagons are in front of several buildings on the west side of the Courthouse Square. According to another accompanying article, you can see the Lavaca Bank, the white building in the center background, partially visible. There are other people in the street watching, including a band. Written at the bottom right of the photograph is "Houston Hustlers at Hallettsville Texas April 26, 1907." On the back it says "Property of Lillie Ahrens."
Date: April 26, 1907
Creator: Fey & Braunig

Idle Hour Club

Description: Photograph of Idle Hour Club. The building is two stories tall. Four cars are parked on the dirt road around the building. In the foreground are telephone poles and a street light. Accompanying information lists the location on the corner of E. Second St. and N. Texana.
Date: unknown

J. H. Appelt Building

Description: Photograph of the J. H. Appelt Building in 1889. There are people standing around the building and a man in a cart pulled by two mules. This is a brick two-story building with lots of windows. According to accompanying information, this saloon was located at Third and LaGrange Streets in Hallettsville and was built in 1888-89, and there was a fire in 1890 which resulted in the left side of the building being torn down and rebuilt.
Date: 1889

Kinkler School

Description: Portrait of students who attended Kinkler School during the 1932-1933 school year. There are three rows of male and female students posing outside, in front of the building. The school is one-story and has a front porch. To the left of the school are two trees.
Date: unknown

Kominsky School

Description: Portrait of students attending Kominsky School during the 1924-1925 school year. There are five rows of male and female students posing in front of the school building. Accompanying information lists the two teachers as Ida Gallia Hrncir and Millie Elstner. The principal is Charles R. Hrncir.
Date: unknown

Lavaca County Courthouse

Description: Photograph of Lavaca County Courthouse. The stone building is four-stories high and a clock tower. Horse-drawn wagons and carriages are in front of the building on the dirt road. Trees and telephone wires are in the foreground.
Date: unknown