Fort Worth Aviation Museum

This mall of museums tells a variety of stories with an emphasis on North Texas. Their aircraft collection consists of twenty-four warbirds, dating from 1943 to the present, in what is called the “Petting Zoo”.

FWAM operates under the corporate charter of the OV-10 Bronco Association, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. They are also home to the B-36 Peacemaker Museum and the Forward Air Controller’s Museum. Their motto is: “Preserve – Inspire – Educate” or PIE.


"Giving wings to youth and community through our aviation roots.

We support the military and community by preserving the history of specific military communities such as the forward air control community and displaying examples of some of the related aircraft.

We participate in local events that celebrate and honor our military history such as the Fort Worth Veterans Day Parade.

Our museum is a member of Blue Star Museums; we offer FREE admission to active duty military and their families.

We provide education of the workforce by preserving and interpreting local aviation history; we explain the significance of aviation to our local economic development, including manufacturing operations and workforces. We support the development of our future workforce by presenting our history in a way that motivates and inspires our youth to pursue careers in aviation.

We collect artifacts relevant to the history of aviation in North Texas, plus the role of Forward Air Controllers in combat. Our collection includes 24 military aircraft from 1943 to the present.

We work to inspire children to careers in aviation through a variety of in-school and in-museum programs.

We provide public speakers to schools and community groups on a variety of history topics.

We publish a free monthly newsletter announcing museum activities and events.

We maintain a website and Facebook pages as well as a Twitter account.

We are members of the Irving ISD Aviation Academy Advisory Board.

We work with colleges and universities in the area for presentations, internships, and experiential learning opportunities.

We operate the Fort Worth Aviation Museum as a community education and preservation organization and resource.

We host military unit reunions and fly-ins.

We partner with other organizations with similar interests."


John Ezrow



PO Box 161966
Fort Worth, TX 76161

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