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[Steam Skidder and Crew]

Description: Photograph of a Southern Pine Lumber Company steam skidder and crew. Tongs at the ends of the skidder's cables were attached to cut logs and dragged to the railroad right of way where they would later be loaded onto rail cars.
Date: 1907
Creator: American Lumberman

[Texas South-Eastern Railroad Engine 3 at the Southern Pine Lumber Company Mill Pond]

Description: Photograph of Texas South-Eastern Railroad engine 3 ready to unload logs into the Southern Pine Lumber Company mill pond. The photograph shows how mill pond workers would release the chained logs using poles. The TSE railroad was founded in 1900 by the same owners of Southern Pine Lumber Company and served the company's logging operations. It also provided passenger service from Diboll to Lufkin until 1942.
Date: 1903
Creator: American Lumberman