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[Southern Pine Lumber Company Mill No. 2 from the Mill Pond]

Description: Photograph of the Southern Pine Lumber Company sawmill number 2 looking across the mill pond from the unloading dock of the yellow pine mill (mill no. 1). This mill was built between December 1906 and April 1907. All sawmill equipment was in a 40x155 feet area and the lath mill annex was 28x60 feet. Although it was sometimes called the hardwood mill, it also cut pine. The mill's daily capacity during a daytime run was 60,000 feet of pine and 40,000 feet of hardwoods, with a day and night yellow pine capacity of 120,000 feet. Hardwoods were not cut at night. Sawmill 2 was dismantled in 1954.
Date: 1907
Creator: American Lumberman