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[Wood Sawyers near Lindsey Springs]

Description: Photograph of two Southern Pine Lumber Company woods sawyers posing with a shortleaf pine near the Lindsey Springs logging camp, Angelina County. Lindsey Springs, located about seven miles northeast of Diboll, was a Southern Pine Lumber Company logging camp from about 1898 to 1906. According to the federal census of 1900, the community then had a population of 110.
Date: 1903
Creator: American Lumberman

[Yellow Pine on the Band Saw Dock]

Description: Photograph of the interior of the Southern Pine Lumber Company sawmill 1, or yellow pine mill, showing yellow pine logs on the band saw dock. This view is from the log end. Construction for this mill began on March 1, 1903, and the mill became operational on June 12 of the same year. It replaced the original mill that was built in 1894. The mill was powered by a 500 horse powered Filer & Stowell 24x40 inch Corliss steam engine. American Lumberman reports that in 1907 the mill had a daily capacity of 240,000 board feet of lumber and 65,000 feet of lath. This mill was destroyed by fire on January 7, 1968 and rebuilt by September of that year.
Date: 1907
Creator: American Lumberman