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[Ad for Photo Enlargements with the Fox Company]

Description: Ad for photo enlargements with the Fox Company. The ad features a framed photograph of a girl wearing a coat, hat, and knee-high socks. Next to the photograph are the words "Special big picture made from any good film complete with beautiful easel folder nearly a foot big, Hand colored 65 cents, The Fox Company, San Antonio, TX." The Fox Company's stamp is on the back of the photograph and says "Guaranteed for Life, This is a Genuine Border Fox Tone Picture Made By Fox Co., San Antonio, Texas, … more
Date: unknown
Creator: Fox Company

[A Blacksmith Shop]

Description: Black and white photograph of a wooden, two-level building identified as a blacksmith shop. There are two windows on the upper portion of the building's facade; one window is open. An open covered area is attached to the building on the left; underneath its roof is a horse cart. In front of the building are two men. The man to the left is standing next to a horse with his arm draped on its neck. He is holding a tool in his other hand. One other horse and a horse cart are partially visible in th… more
Date: unknown

[Confirmation Class at Vereins Kirche]

Description: Portraits of the last class to be confirmed in the Vereins Kirche. The nineteen portraits are bust shots of the students and reverend, mounted on a single mat. The women are wearing white traditional confirmation dresses, and the men are wearing dark suits and ties. A list of the students' names are numbered on the back.
Date: 1892

[Court House in Fredericksburg, Texas]

Description: Black and white postcard that has a quarter chunk of it cut out. The picture on the front of the postcard is the Fredericksburg courthouse. It is surrounded by an iron fence. An unpaved road is visible in the foreground. An electrical pole is also visible in front of the courthouse's iron fence. The back of the postcard is dated and addressed to a Mr. Alberth Kramer. The author of the handwritten message, which is written in German, is signed by Adolf Filter, Jr.
Date: unknown

[Enchanted Rock]

Description: Black and white photograph of an isolated rock hill known as Enchanted Rock. There are a few crumbly pieces of rock and several larger, angular boulders. Patches of shrubs and trees are visible on the right and near the depths of the area.
Date: unknown

[Envelope for the Fox Company]

Description: Envelop for the Fox Company. The envelope advertises the prices for developing film and displays samples of the services offered by the Fox Company. These services include framed hand colored enlargement, the fox-tone border, and "new-tone" color scheme for photographs. The front has the name "Emil Jentsch" written on it.
Date: 1928
Creator: Fox Company

[Estella Kettner and Friends Standing by a Tree]

Description: Black and white copy photograph of a trio of women standing around a tree. They are in the yard of the Zincke home according to the back of the photo. On the far left is a woman named Estella Kettner. All three women are wearing dark-hued clothing. The tree around which they stand is mostly leafless and bare. To the right of the tree is a partially visible fence. In the background is an evergreen tree.
Date: unknown

[Fassel/Roeder House at Gillespie County's Pioneer Museum]

Description: Black and white photograph of a one-story house known as the Fassel/Roeder House. It is a site at the Gillespie County Historical Society's Pioneer Museum. It has four elegant posts that support the covered porch in front. A bench sits on the porch underneath one of the two windows in front. A screen door is in between the two windows. A grassy lawn surrounds the house. Behind the house, a few trees and a telephone pole and wire are partially visible.
Date: unknown

[Graves of Adolph and Sophia Filter]

Description: Black and white photograph of two graves with a large, stone grave marker in between. The graves belong to Adolph and Sophia Filter. There are floral wreaths at the head of each grave. The tombstone between has a cross at its top. There are trees visible in background of the picture.
Date: August 1948
Creator: Fox Company

[Group of Women Around a Fountain]

Description: Black and white copy photograph of a group of women situated around a fountain in the yard of Hulda and August Zincke's home. According to a handwritten note on the back of the photo, one of the women is Hulda Zincke and the rest of them are her friends. A couple of them are standing on the fountain's rim while the others are seated around. One woman stands behind the fountain. Each woman is wearing either a blouse and shirt or a dress. At the center of the fountain is a gnome, seated and facin… more
Date: unknown

[Group of Women in Sunday Dress]

Description: Black and white copy photograph of a group of women who are wearing their Sunday best, according to accompanying information. They are posed for a group portrait on the steps of an unidentifiable building. There are 30 women total; three rows are seated while the fourth and last row is standing. Most of them are wearing hats, but some are not. The building's doors and brick facade are partially visible behind the women.
Date: unknown

[Group Photograph]

Description: Photograph of twenty-three older men and women. Fifteen men are standing, and eight women are sitting in front of a table decorated with flowers. Stamped on the back is the Keller's Studio address.
Date: unknown
Creator: Keller's Studio
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