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[Confirmation Class at Vereins Kirche]

Description: Portraits of the last class to be confirmed in the Vereins Kirche. The nineteen portraits are bust shots of the students and reverend, mounted on a single mat. The women are wearing white traditional confirmation dresses, and the men are wearing dark suits and ties. A list of the students' names are numbered on the back.
Date: 1892

[Envelope for the Fox Company]

Description: Envelop for the Fox Company. The envelope advertises the prices for developing film and displays samples of the services offered by the Fox Company. These services include framed hand colored enlargement, the fox-tone border, and "new-tone" color scheme for photographs. The front has the name "Emil Jentsch" written on it.
Date: 1928
Creator: Fox Company

[Group Photograph]

Description: Photograph of twenty-three older men and women. Fifteen men are standing, and eight women are sitting in front of a table decorated with flowers. Stamped on the back is the Keller's Studio address.
Date: unknown
Creator: Keller's Studio

[Group Photograph]

Description: Fredericksburg High School Class of 1924: The women seated in chairs are dressed in Sunday best. Seated left to right are: Clara Kott Knopp, Louise Schmidt Killian, Anita Winkle, Alice Braeutigam Sauer. The men are standing behind them, dressed in suits and ties. Standing left to right are: Nolan Brown, Albert Ellebracht, Edgar Kordzik, and Henry Reinbach. The Reunion was held in 1988 at Knopp's Nursing Home.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of a Fredericksburg Business]

Description: Negative of a business in Fredericksburg, Texas. The sign above the entrance says "The Glass Cutter." It is in a two-story brick building with four arched windows on the second floor and display windows on either side of the entrance. The name A. L. Patton appears in the brick at the top of the building.
Date: unknown

[Photograph of a Hay Baler]

Description: Photograph of the original hay baler. The photograph displays the machine and the small blocks of hay it makes. On the back it mentions the original patent holders of the device, William Wilke and Ira Wash and that the baler was operated by a mule on a tread mill.
Date: 1898/1899

[Photograph of a Man at a Granite Quarry]

Description: Photograph of a man standing next to a crane at a granite quarry. He is wearing a tie and hat. There is a name written on the back of the picture that appears to say Arm. M. Voigt. The back is dated July 5, 1928, and the following is stamped on the back: "Guaranteed for Life This is a Genuine Border Fox Tone Picture Made By Fox Co., San Antonio, Texas, Copyrighted 1927 by Carl D. Newton."
Date: July 5, 1928

[Photograph of a Man in a Quarry]

Description: Photograph of a man standing in a quarry, in front of a crane that has two tall poles that have wires coming out of the tops of them. He is wearing a dark hat, a light shirt, a striped tie, and dark pants. In the background there are piles of rocks on the ground, with tops of trees visible above them. The Fox Company's stamp is on the back of the photograph and says "Guaranteed for Life, This is a Genuine Border Fox Tone Picture Made By Fox Co., San Antonio, Texas, Copyrighted 1927 by Carl D. Newton."
Date: unknown

[Photograph of a Rock Building]

Description: Photograph of a small rock building. It has two windows and a door in front, and there is a closed sign in the window to the right. There is another unidentified building in the background to the right. The following is written on the back: "Formerly Gor[?] Fest[?] Travel."
Date: unknown