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[Photograph of the A. L. Patton Building in Fredericksburg, TX]

Description: Photograph of the A. L. Patton building in Fredericksburg, Texas. The view of the building is from its side and is obscured partially by a tree. The building has two floors and the second has windows on the side and front. The words "A. L. Patton" can be read on the top of the building. To the left of it is a wind generator. On its right is a fence and part of another building can be seen.
Date: 1911

[Photograph of the Family of August Kothmann]

Description: Photograph of the family of August Kothmann. There are four children standing in front of a cistern and grape arbor. There are two women standing in the door of the cistern, and two men are standing near a fence in the background. The photograph is dated 1911, and "Family of August Kothmann" is written on the back.
Date: 1911

[Postcard from [Emil] to Mr. and Mrs. Gammenthaher, July 18, 1913]

Description: Postcard from [Emil] to Mr. and Mrs. Gammenthaler. The front has a photograph of a man leaning against a tent in Battle Creek. The tent has a screen door and a frame beneath a layer of tarp. Behind the tent are trees and to the left of it is a small building. [Emil] wrote a brief correspondence to the Gammenthalers to tell them where he was headed and small updates.
Date: July 18, 1913

[Postcard from Fred to Mrs. Gus Jentsch, July 21, 1915]

Description: Postcard from Fred to his sister Mrs. Gus Jentsch. The correspondence is written in German. On the front is a photograph of a brick building on a corner of a street. The building is two floors and houses the Little Red Onion Cafe and the Sanitex Clothes Shop. The clothes shop has a few stairs leading up to its door. Part of the shops can be seen through the front windows. The sidewalk in front of the stores is lined with trees.
Date: July 21, 1915